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It’s been a while since we’ve encountered technology that every industry is talking about. ChatGPT is already changing the way we interact with each other, whether it’s students writing papers for class, marketers writing content for SEO, or people trying to figure out what the best taco is on the west coast. 

If you haven’t given it a go yourself, do it. It’s a really fun tool to play around with. I’ve used it to proofread my writing, help plan an upcoming trip, and am exploring how to integrate it into the Expensify app. So naturally, I decided to ask ChatGPT, “What is the best expense management app?” 

ChatGPT naming Expensify the top app when asked “What is the best expense management app?”

I won’t lie, I was excited to see Expensify as the recommended expense management app by ChatGPT.

That said, I was also genuinely interested if ChatGPT would pick Expensify consistently, or if this was a lucky guess with the stars of the internet aligning, so I asked the question a few more times in slightly different ways: 

  • Write an article about the best free app to track business expenses.
  • What is the best SMB expense management app?
  • What is the best receipt tracking app?

And every time the answer came back… Expensify.

ChatGPT named Expensify the top app when asked to “Write an article about the best free app to track business expenses.”
ChatGPT named Expensify the top app when asked “What is the best SMB expense management app?”
ChatGPT naming Expensify when asked “What is the top receipt tacking app?”

Going further, I wanted to dig into why ChatGPT thought Expensify was so great, and what the reasoning it would give for recommending Expensify is great. I won’t bore you with the full computer-generated perfect post, but at a high level, here’s what ChatGPT had to say (and the receipts to prove it!) about why Expensify is the best expense software:

ChatGPT’s naming some of Expensify's response (partial) when asked “Why do you think Expensify is the best expense management app?”. The list includes: automation, user-friendly, integrations, real-time expense tracking, receipt management, expense policy enforcement,

ChatGPT is pretty spot on. People love Expensify’s automation. The fact that employees can snap a photo of a receipt and then Expensify automatically inputs the rest of the receipt information is one of the reasons the app has over 12 million people already using it. Having industry-leading integrations with every major cloud accounting platform is why more business owners choose to go with Expensify than pretty much all other competitors combined. And the real-time expense tracking and automation are why so many accounting teams find the platform saving them tens of hours per employee each month. ChatGPT got this all right, but there is some missing context on how ChatGPT is coming to this conclusion. 

Ultimately, ChatGPT is just reading and summarizing what the internet thinks. Fundamentally, ChatGPT is consistently coming to the conclusion that Expensify is the best expense management software because: 

  1. Expensify is loved by users. The product speaks for itself, but so do the ratings. Go to any marketplace and you’ll see that Expensify has consistently high ratings. Users do the speaking for Expensify, and ChatGPT notices that. 
  2. Expensify has more users. Expensify has over 12 million users. Almost no other financial companies can tout that kind of scale, especially where the employees interact with the app on a day-to-day basis. So Expensify just gets talked about more on the internet than competitors, and ChatGPT likes that. 
  3. Expensify is the best product in multiple customer segments. Expensify is the highest-rated app for free expense management, SMB expense management, and mid-market expense management. So Expensify has a diverse range of customers endorsing the product, and ChatGPT picks up on that. 
  4. Expensify is top-rated in the mobile app stores. Expensify has been the innovation leader in expense management for 14+ years. This means there are more reviews talking about all the great features than the rest combined and the reviews just keep getting better. As we know high ratings indicate high satisfaction, and ChatGPT takes that into consideration. 
  5. Expensify dominates the accounting package app marketplaces too. If you go into the accounting marketplaces, Expensify will be both highly rated with the most reviews and most likely the recommended expense product in all of them, all of which is picked up by ChatGPT. 
  6. Expensify partners with the most influential people in expense management. Expensify has a flourishing partner program for accountants all around the world. Those accountants evaluate the best financial software to recommend to clients, choose Expensify, and then promote it to all of their clients and colleagues on social media, emails, etc. because they are thought leaders in the industry. ChatGPT picks up on that.
  7. Expensify is global. Expensify dominates the expense reporting landscape in every English-speaking country. With offices on three continents, Expensify is supporting users all around the world in real-time and ChatGPT knows this. 

All in all, ChatGPT gives you the greatest hits on why users like Expensify the most: the product is awesome. Hopefully though now you can also understand why ChatGPT likes Expensify the most. 

Don’t trust ChatGPT? Check out Expensify for yourself here at

Hey there, I have some news to share that I think you’re going to like (and if not you, then definitely someone you know).  In short: Expensify has just launched new plans for individuals at only $5 per month! As crazy as it sounds, this is by far our most commonly requested feature, but it has taken us 10 years to get around to it. Continue Reading…

Expensify Dashboard

2017 has been the year of partnerships for Expensify: We’ve launched a number of receipt integrations, an AirPlus Partnership, and now we’ve joined 9 Spokes as a featured widget in their data dashboard!

The newly-launched 9 Spokes dashboard offers users key insights and a real-time analysis of their business data, allowing users to see the full picture of where their business stands from both a financial and growth perspective.

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Just one year ago (almost to the day!), we launched our first round of receipt integrations. Our vision was to eliminate paper receipts by importing them into Expensify directly from the most commonly expensed merchants, such as Uber, HotelTonight, and Revel Systems POS. We added Lyft to the roster last week, and the receipt fire still burns! Here are our five newest receipt integrations, all focused on smoothing the pains of business travel:

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It’s always a thrill ride when an Expensify customer becomes an Expensify partner, so buckle up!

We’ve partnered with Lyft to make expensing business rides automatic and touchless, like your favorite Sunday carwash. When your Lyft ride is complete, your ride receipt will automatically populate in Expensify for easy expensing – no clicks or taps necessary!

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Hello!  To celebrate the arrival of a new fall season (or, for our new friends down under, a sunny spring!) I wanted to introduce you to our newest creation: “Concierge”, the product of many months of effort, and possibly your new best friend.

In short, Concierge is our artificially intelligent virtual assistant, built right into Expensify.  That means Concierge knows everything Expensify knows — which, given the billions of dollars in expenses we process, is a lot — and is eager to use that knowledge to make your life easy.  Continue Reading…

Expensify is partnering with Uber to make expensing your business rides even easier.

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Reporting live from Xerocon London!

Slack for iOS Upload

February has been a very UK-centric month for Expensify so far. Last week, we officially launched our UK office, and this week we’re attending Xerocon London and hosting our UK launch event. We’ve been having a great time so far, meeting amazing Xero partners and Add-ons. While we’re revelling in the buzz of the Xero ecosystem, we’re really excited to announce our latest upgrade to our Xero integration.  Continue Reading…

Duplicate expenses are a pain for everyone, so we’re finally doing something about it.

The Problem

Whether intentional, or not, duplicate expenses are an issue. Duplicate expenses create more work for both the submitter and the approver. They are a core task in auditing to be sought out and destroyed!

The Solution

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This is a huge announcement.  After more than *a year* in active development, we’re finally turning on RTER (Realtime Expense Reports) as the default for all new policies.  This is a big, big feature, touching every single aspect of the product.  Most of the changes are too subtle for you to even notice, but the sum of it all is that now Expensify works like this:

  1. Just take a picture of your receipt
  2. It’ll be put into your accounting package of choice
  3. And you’ll be paid the very next day

When properly configured (which starting today is the new default configuration), you literally just take a picture of the receipt and we take care of *everything else*.  Click below to start your free trial, or upgrade your existing account (at no additional cost): Continue Reading…