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Hey there, I have some news to share that I think you’re going to like (and if not you, then definitely someone you know).  In short: Expensify has just launched new plans for individuals at only $5 per month! As crazy as it sounds, this is by far our most commonly requested feature, but it has taken us 10 years to get around to it. Continue Reading…


Expensifiers at Pecana cafe in Montevideo, one of our favorite 10 AM spots

If you’re unfamiliar with our annual Expensify Offshore expeditions, we have a dedicated webpage here to help spark the flame! Otherwise, some tl;dr background:

  1. A complete Expensify Offshore spans four weeks, and occurs once per year. It is always opt-in, meaning any employee can elect not to attend, partially attend, or fully attend.
  2. The employees vote democratically on the destination, which at bare minimum must be internet-friendly and relatively easy on the wallet.
  3. The company coordinates and communicates the essentials, including general itineraries, to-and-from travel, basic lodging, and special events.
  4. Employees self-select to lead or support priority projects dictated by a mix of customer needs and personal interest. The projects are optional, supplementary to daily responsibilities, and ideally completed during the time abroad.


The Arrival

I was a couple days early to Expensify Offshore 2017 in Uruguay.

After six feature films in the nosebleeds of Copa Airlines and a taxi ride at the mercy of Google Translate, I stumbled out onto Montevideo’s Calle Blandengues around 2 AM local time. Historically, this was a Jewish neighborhood and absolutely worth a morning wander, so I left my curiosities for the moment in favor of meeting my Airbnb host, Ramiro.

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You may have noticed that we’re not the biggest fans of expense reports. Our deep-seated hatred for them is what drove the creation of Expensify. After several years of battling the forces of terrible expense reports, we’re now 1.6M users strong with almost a quarter million companies under our belt. As a thank you to our community we wanted to offer a new contest.

Expense It with Expensify

It’s called the Expense It with Expensify Contest (we’re good at expense reports, not naming things) and you and your company can win a FREE YEAR of Expensify!  Continue Reading…

Here at Expensify, we understand that simplicity is imperative to a smooth workflow. To that extent, we’ve received requests over the years to simplify, or at least add some simple options, to our approval workflow. Today we’ve made good on those requests. We’re proud to introduce two new Approval Modes: Submit Only and Submit & Approve. Continue Reading…

New Blog!

expensifyadmin —  August 11, 2009 — Leave a comment

Welcome to the new Expensify blog!

This will be the place to check for the latest Expensify announcements, as well unique insights into the world of expense reporting.  We hope you subscribe to our RSS feed and follow our progress as we work towards our ultimate goal of making expense reports painless and easy.