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Though Xerocon London 2017 came to a close two weeks ago, our team is still buzzing about what an incredible event it was (only more six weeks until Xerocon Austin, but who’s counting?)! Kudos to the Xero team for making this year’s conference the biggest and best yet. Throughout the event, it was clear that the entire ecosystem continues to grow exponentially, promoting the value of automation for both accountants and their clients. Here are some of the biggest takeaways we had from the show!

The Belle of the Ball: Xero HQ!

Xero HQ was undoubtedly the biggest announcement to come out of the London event and we proudly announced our own involvement alongside the platform – Expensify has been selected by Xero as the expense management app for Xero HQ. As one of nine ecosystem apps selected out of 600, Expensify’s inclusion in Xero HQ allows accountants and bookkeepers to further drive efficiency within firms by centralising alerts for outstanding items in Expensify, such as expense reports awaiting review and approval, directly into their Xero HQ activity feed.

Community Vibes Abound

Pete's demo

The event was a great opportunity to catch up with existing partners as well as introduce Expensify to new faces. Well done to our very own Pete for taking centre stage on Day 2 for his demo! It felt pretty inspiring to be part of a community of people with the common goal of making accounting a truly holistic approach to running a business successfully. Our team really enjoyed Tim Leberecht’s keynote, which stressed preserving the human touch amongst all the automation. This is certainly in line with our own values at Expensify where we put employee morale on the top of our priorities with initiatives like our annual company-wide offshore.

Spoilt for Choice Out There

One of the big themes that came up from our partners this year was the sheer number of apps to choose from. It’s amazing to see the Xero ecosystem so buoyant, promoting and attracting fintech innovation, which makes the accounting space a really exciting space to be involved in. It also inevitably means that accountants have their work cut out for them, as they need to dig deeper into what each app does and the nuances which make it a better fit for certain clients over others. This is why accounting-specific programs, like our own ExpensifyApproved! Partner program, are increasing in popularity as accountants seek to become experts in their field. 

Xerocon 2017 Champions

Every ecosystem thrives from solid partnerships and champions, so it was great to see some Expensify users amongst the winners this year, including GoCardless, Taylorcocks and iwoca. A big well done to all the winners:

  • Accounting Partners of the Year – Armstrong Watson (UK), Beyond Accounting (Ireland) and Aucamp Sholtz Lubbe (SA)
  • Bookkeeping partner of the year –  Ken Bell Accounting
  • Emerging Partner of the Year – Taylor Cocks
  • Xero MVP  – Soaring Falcon Accounting
  • 100% Xero – Farnell Clarke
  • Industry Specific App of the Year – Unleashed
  • Emerging App Partner of the Year – iwoca
  • App Partner of the Year – GoCardless

See You Soon!

Xerocon has left attendees feeling invigorated about change, challenging them to continuously improve their workflows. If you are wondering why you’re still tracking your conference receipts in an excel file or manually reconciling your client’s company bank account at the end of the month, give us a shout here. We’d love to show you how bright 2018 could look when it comes to expenses. In the meantime, see you all at Xerocon Austin in early December!

Expensify Dashboard

2017 has been the year of partnerships for Expensify: We’ve launched a number of ReceiptBurner integrations, an AirPlus Partnership, and now we’ve joined 9 Spokes as a featured widget in their data dashboard!

The newly-launched 9 Spokes dashboard offers users key insights and a real-time analysis of their business data, allowing users to see the full picture of where their business stands from both a financial and growth perspective.

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Remember when you turned thirteen and all of a sudden you couldn’t stop growing? Your ankles peered awkwardly out from the bottom of your pants and your wrists got cold peeking out from the sleeves of that middle school hoodie. Well, that’s kind of what 2017 has looked like at Expensify, only less awkward and more exciting! We’re in the midst of a growth spurt, and we’re thrilled to share some numbers from the first half of the year.

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Screen Shot 2017-08-11 at 4.56.04 PM.png

If you’ll recall David’s last newsletter and blog post, Expensify has been growing rapidly in the last six months, and we’ve seen the toll it’s been taking from a customer support perspective:

It has been a busy, busy year.  Just a couple months ago I mentioned we had 35,000 customers — well now it’s 43,000.  We’re on track to add more customers in six months than we’ve added in the past *six years*.  This has placed a pretty serious strain on our system and people, and I really appreciate your patience as we ramp up both to sustain this rate of growth as the “new norm”.

As the team discussed additional ways to offer timely support to our users, we realized one very important thing: we lacked a communal space for users to connect with other users, ask questions, trade tips, and share experiences in our common quest to build an efficient expense management workflow that works for everyone.
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Hello!  I hope you’re enjoying the height of summer (or winter) wherever you are.  I just wanted to give a quick update on some incredible progress with one of our lesser known but increasingly important features: ReceiptBurner.

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Just one year ago (almost to the day!), we announced ReceiptBurner. Our vision was to eliminate paper receipts by importing them into Expensify directly from the most commonly expensed merchants, such as Uber, HotelTonight, and Revel Systems POS. We added Lyft to the roster last week, and the receipt fire still burns! Here are our five newest ReceiptBurner integrations, all focused on smoothing the pains of business travel:

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It’s always a thrill ride when an Expensify customer becomes an Expensify partner, so buckle up!

We’ve partnered with Lyft to make expensing business rides automatic and touchless, like your favorite Sunday carwash. When your Lyft ride is complete, your ride receipt will automatically populate in Expensify for easy expensing – no clicks or taps necessary!

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