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Thanks for helping us test our trips feature! At this point I think we have pretty solid coverage of domestic and international flights — just forward your airline reservations to and we’ll present a tidy itinerary overview in the “Trips” view of the mobile app. Not only that:

- Live flight status updates! Basically what TripIt Pro provides, but for free. Check the Trips view on the mobile app and it’ll show the latest on-time/delay status. We’ll also email you a reminder before the flight, notify you if your flight is delayed, and — best of all — create your full expense report in one click after you return from your business trip. Expensify + Trips = Total expense report automation.

- Massive mobile speedups! Everything is 2x faster for iPhone, and probably 10x faster for Android. And lots more of that on the way.

- Multi-level tagging! We can now support pretty much any accounting standard for companies of any size, but especially for those under a thousand employees:

- Commercial card reconciliation! For employees with centrally-paid commercial cards who have no natural motivation to submit their expenses, now you can centrally reconcile reported versus actual expenses:

- integration! If you reimburse reports through or just prefer their approval workflow, now we’ve got you covered:

- Import from DropBox! We love your receipts, no matter where they are:

I’m not really into the whole “year in review” thing, but if I were, I’d say this: 2012 was all about the back-end. We migrated over to three new huge datacenters, dramatically cleaned up a lot of internal code, improved quality across the board, expanded our bank import internationally, and generally knocked out a ton of small showstopper features (mostly on the accounting side) to make Expensify work for any company under 1000 employees (and a surprising number of companies far bigger than that). To an outside observer — especially a US-based non-accountant — it might seem as if little has changed.

But 2013 is when we really begin showing off the fruits of our labor. This SmartReports beta is going *really* well (thanks for your patience; demand has been overwhelming) and by this time next year, Excel should be a distant memory for you, regardless of whether your company uses Expensify overall. We’ve got some tremendous UI and UX improvements planned, major enhancements underway (especially for the “solopreneurs” and independent contractors in the crowd), and more than a few big surprises teed-up.

So if 2012 was about back end structural improvements, 2013 is all about the front-end: about making it not just “not suck”, but pretty freakin’ incredible. Stay tuned!

Founder and CEO of Expensify

PS: BusinessInsider posted great write up of our trip to Thailand with tons of photos; thanks Owen!

Great news for those of you in the middle sliver of the Expensify and venn diagram! You can now have your employee’s expense reports submitted directly to if you are on our Team or Corporate plan.

Create the Connection
Go to the Connections section of your policy settings (Settings > Policies > [Policy Name] > Connections) and choose “Connect to”. Then enter your company’s email address and click “update”.

All employee expense reports on this policy will now be submitted to this email address.

Submit Reports
When employees click “submit”, they will see the email address listed. This field is non-editable.

Once the report is submitted, a PDF copy will be placed in the company account. The report will then be put in the “closed” state in Expensify and the report will be marked as exported to If you have any questions about this, contact us at and we’ll get you sorted.