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garrettmknight —  November 29, 2012 — 4 Comments

Great news for those of you in the middle sliver of the Expensify and venn diagram! You can now have your employee’s expense reports submitted directly to if you are on our Team or Corporate plan

Create the Connection
Go to the Connections section of your policy settings (Settings > Policies > [Policy Name] > Connections) and choose “Connect to”. Then enter your company’s email address and click “update”.

All employee expense reports on this policy will now be submitted to this email address.

Submit Reports
When employees click “submit”, they will see the email address listed. This field is non-editable.

Once the report is submitted, a PDF copy will be placed in the company account. The report will then be put in the “closed” state in Expensify and the report will be marked as exported to If you have any questions about this, contact us at and we’ll get you sorted.

4 responses to New Feature: Submit to


    Hello – if we chose to connect to our company’s account within Expensify, can the employees manager still approval within Expensify? Or is it once they employee hits “submit” in Expensify, it forwards straight to, and approval must occur in Please advise. Thanks!


    Hey Gina,

    Once a user submits the report, it will go straight to the address denoted in the policy if you have the Submit to connection enabled. In order to send to your account after it’s been approved, just click ‘Share with accountant’ on the report and enter your address.

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