Archives For November 30, 1999

When we launched “Expense reports that don’t suck!” in September 2008, the tagline was pretty controversial.  Half the responses cheered us on, and the other half thought we were idiots.  Well nothing calms nerves like good company, one of who is none other than GE (yes, that GE):

When I first saw that I thought, “surely it’s a coincidence, they couldn’t really be copying Expensify… right?”  Then the other day TechCrunch posted a story about “A Bank that Doesn’t Suck”:

Ok, that’s starting to get close, but still.  Probably a coincidence.  And then today:

I think I see a trend.  But you know, it’s a good trend.   It doesn’t matter if they’re copying us.  What matters is we’re brothers in arms, waging a global, multi-industry battle against Suck.  Welcome to the fight.