New Year, New Us

Shawn Borton —  January 23, 2019 — 1 Comment


Today we’re excited to officially unveil our new logo. We’ve been working hard over the past year preparing for our first ever TV commercial – which will air during Super Bowl LIII – and there’s no better time than now to freshen up our look before we hit the big stage.

As we prepared for our Super Bowl campaign, we did a lot of soul searching. What qualities make up Expensify? Who are we? As we dug deep into our own DNA, we found that our visual brand wasn’t an accurate reflection of our core design attributes: empowering, confident, innovative, and daring.

At the same time, we didn’t seek to completely rebrand the company. We held out a pragmatic goal for the process: make the least amount of changes with the highest amount of impact. And with that in mind we developed a new logo, new colors, and new typography with the help of our talented Portland neighbors supermorebetter.



Our new logo has better visual balance, updated icons, and a friendlier wordmark. It’s a nod to our old mark, but feels fresh and modern. The taller x-height in our wordmark, as well as the new icon system, maintains better readability at small sizes.


Our new app icon is also much cleaner and now works on light-colored backgrounds. Much like our primary logo, the simplified app icon also works better at small sizes.



We shifted our colors to be more bold and more friendly. A vibrant, fun palette that remains purposeful and concise when used in practice.



Our typography is a mixed family. We chose Fabriga for bold, friendly headlines, and GT America for clean, supporting headlines and body text. It’s a unique balance that works well cross-medium. The font pairing also establishes an ownable look for us, as opposed to the generic and ubiquitous feeling of Helvetica.

We hope you like our new look! We’re excited to build on top of this foundation and keep developing our new visual brand.

Shawn Borton


Designer at Expensify.

One response to New Year, New Us


    Wao, great post, I really love your work. I agree with you the pairing of fonts is so important in logo design. Thanks for this. keep it up.

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