Make VAT Refunds Easy with Expensify’s Newest Integrations

James —  September 17, 2018 — Leave a comment


It’s now easier than ever for your company to get a value-added tax (VAT) refund on international expenses. Just connect Expensify to Global VaTax or Taxback International and your expenses flow automatically across for VAT analysis, submission, and recovery. Even better, depending on the country and type of VAT, your company could be eligible for a VAT refund on expenses going back as far as 5 years!

So, what’s VAT? In most countries around the world, VAT is applied to goods and services at rates ranging from 8% to 27%. Many of the goods and services are common business expenses such as hotels, restaurants, events, and entertainment. Some countries allow VAT refunds for businesses based abroad, and that’s where our new integrations come in.

When you connect Expensify to Global VaTax or Taxback International, your expenses auto-export via the integration and our partners take it from there – navigating each country’s VAT rules and regulations to stay compliant, submitting your receipts to the appropriate authorities in the native language, and so on. You just sit back and watch your VAT refund grow.

Ready to get started on your maximum VAT refund? Reach out to



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