Right Networks Offers Expensify to all Business Cloud Customers

Rose Grech —  November 8, 2017 — Leave a comment

RN:EXP Blog Post

Expensify is thrilled to announce that Right Networks will offer Expensify to all users of its new Business and Application Cloud at no additional cost!

Previously, Right Networks charged a hosting fee for using certain apps, including Expensify, on top of the app’s subscription fee. With this announcement, Right Networks has eliminated the hosting fee, so now users can use their favorite apps without an additional fee.

Along with Expensify, the Right Networks Business Cloud also offers Bill.com, TSheets, Microsoft Excel, and 10GB of cloud storage at no additional cost. Expensify will also be available in the Right Networks Application Cloud, which offers access to all of the applications the company has curated to help its customers power-up their workflows – including data analysis, CRM, and inventory management applications.

Right Networks brings accounting-based desktop and legacy applications into the cloud for CPA firms, accounting professionals, and small businesses. With Right Networks, customers can access QuickBooks Desktop in a fully managed cloud environment, making it easier and more secure for Right Networks’ customers to share sensitive documents and data, and have anytime, anywhere access to business-critical applications.

For those interested in getting your QuickBooks Desktop into the cloud, check out Right Networks to get started.

Rose Grech


Marketing at Expensify, a native New Yorker enjoying the lovely outdoors in the NW.

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