Expensify + TravelPerk: Smoothing the Turbulence of Business Travel

Gabi Horowitz —  April 20, 2017 — Leave a comment


Business travel might seem fun and glamorous on the surface, but road warriors know that the behind-the-scenes logistics involved in booking a business trip are just the opposite. Scheduling flights and hotels, collecting receipts, and trying to work on a flight when your neighbor is hogging the armrest are just a few of the hassles that get in the way of enjoying a business trip, not to mention the hundreds of emails that pile up while you’re out of the office.

Enter TravelPerk: Pain-Free Business Travel

Fear not, weary travelers! We’ve partnered with TravelPerk to streamline the entire business travel process. TravelPerk is free for anyone to use, so you can find the best deals on flights and accommodation, then automatically send your TravelPerk receipts to Expensify for easy reimbursement.

A Great Match

We share a key vision with TravelPerk: that enterprise business software should keep up with the standards of consumer apps. Both of our teams work hard to improve the hassles associated with business travel and expense for employees and administrators alike, and we’ve both displaced bulky legacy services from the bottom up with user-friendly tools.

From Avi Meir, TravelPerk CEO:

“We recommend Expensify to all of our users. We use it ourselves and love it. In fact, our goal with TravelPerk is to take all the magic of Expensify and extend it throughout the entire business travel experience,” says Avi. “Truth to be told, we have been long admirers of Expensify and their ability to disrupt their market from the bottom-up by creating an intuitive product that people love to use. Their journey and success has been a source of great inspiration for our travel startup from the very beginning.”

We’re always extra excited to partner with customers who are aiming to solve the pains of business travel, so this announcement definitely has a special place in our heart!

Sit Back, Relax, and Enjoy the Trip

To learn more about how to integrate Expensify and TravelPerk to create an all-in-one travel and expense solution, check out use.expensify.com/travelperk or click here to set up the integration.

Gabi Horowitz


Gabi is on the marketing team at Expensify, where she helps spread the word about expense reports that don't suck. When she's not busy writing blog posts, she can usually be found sipping tea, writing, or wondering why all of her friends are suddenly playing Pokemon again.

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