Seamlessly Reimburse Candidates with Expensify + Greenhouse

sakluger —  April 4, 2017 — Leave a comment

Over the past few months, we’ve been testing our beta Greenhouse integration with with a small group of customers, and we’re excited to announce that the integration is now live and open to the public!


This is an entirely new type of integration for Expensify that is going to help streamline the hiring process and save time across multiple teams. 

The frustrations of an old school hiring process

We spoke with a number of HR managers and recruiters while planning this integration and we kept hearing the same two themes over and over.

1. Collecting receipts and reimbursing candidates is a hassle for everyone

  • The candidate saves all of the receipts from their onsite interview trip, then emails pictures of those receipts to the recruiter.
  • The recruiter compiles the list of expenses on an Excel spreadsheet and sends to the finance team.
  • The finance team mails a check to the candidate.
  • Some candidates deposit this check right away, but some write in months later because they lost it and need another copy.

2. To be competitive, companies need to offer a great interview experience

A clunky interview process or slow reimbursement doesn’t entice a candidate to join your team. On the other hand, if a candidate feels like an interview process is smooth and modern, they will be more excited to accept an offer from the company.

Expensify and Greenhouse are here to save the day!

These frustrations make the interview process clunky for everyone involved, and that’s exactly what our new integration aims to solve. With Greenhouse, Expensify makes managing candidate expenses smooth, even pleasant:

  • Candidates can capture receipts at the time of purchase
  • Recruiters can approve reports directly from the Expensify mobile app
  • The finance team can reimburse candidates immediately via direct deposit, straight from Expensify

While we believe that any company can benefit from using Expensify to process candidate expenses, regardless of whether or not they use an applicant tracking system, the direct Greenhouse integration adds a few additional perks.

  • Recruiters can invite candidates to Expensify directly from Greenhouse – Most Recruiters and HR Managers are not Expensify experts – and that’s okay! This integration allows recruiters to invite candidates to Expensify and approve their reports without requiring them to be administrators in Expensify.
  • Recruiters have full control over when a candidate is invited to Expensify – 

    One thing that was apparent when talking with recruiters was that timing was important during the interview process. The Expensify + Greenhouse integration gives recruiters the power to invite candidates to Expensify at the push of a button so that recruiters can add manage candidate expenses without adding extra steps to their existing workflow.

Check out to learn more about how to use Expensify and Greenhouse together, or email to set up the integration today!

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