What’s New for March 2016

Tim Golen —  March 7, 2016 — 7 Comments

Even though February is now behind us, it gave us one extra day (yay, leap year!) to do amazing things. Last month, we focused our attention on some of our next big features. Some of them you will find detailed below, but some of them won’t be out for a little while yet, so be sure to keep an eye out for more hotness in the future!

Updates For Everyone

The Guided Review feature has been so successful that we’re now bringing it to the report submitting flow. Guided Review highlights areas of your report that might cause it to not get approved, so that you can fix the expense report before submitting it to your administrator. No one likes to have their stuff audited, and Guided Review makes sure to get it done right the first time!


Along with Guided Review, we also added a new report violation that helps remind you to correct the information on a receipt if it failed to SmartScan.

We added some super-awesome-wild-sauce features that let you to rename your bank accounts. Use this to give them a more identifiable name and help clear up confusion when you have multiple bank accounts connected to Expensify.

Did you like the new interface for adding withdrawal accounts? Now the same interface has been brought to deposit accounts as well. Adding an account now takes just a few clicks if you have an account at one of our 15 supported major banks.

Updates For Admins

We want to hear from you! We’ve poured so much of our heart and soul over the last year to make Realtime Expense Reporting a reality that we just don’t understand why anyone would want to disable it. To better understand your needs and expectations, we now ask that you provide feedback when you turn off one of these features. We really try hard to make your lives better, but we can’t know what you need if you’re not communicating that to us.

Speaking of Realtime Expense Reporting, we used to have two options for Harvesting (automatic report submission) and Auto-Reporting (automatic report creation). Now those two options are combined into a single feature in order to simplify things and make your expense reports even easier.


There is a lot that happens on the expense side of your company and we are trying to separate the signal from the noise for you. We started by adding the Report Inbox, and now we are improving that by sending you a weekly email of all the items that are waiting for your action. You no longer need to log into Expensify and guess what you need to do. We give you a list, and all you have to do is click a couple of buttons.

Another great new feature that we’ve improved upon is our tax implementation. We previously overhauled this system so that we could expand into the UK market. In February, we added the ability for admins to enable and disable specific tax codes. This is especially handy if your accounting integration has imported a bunch of tax codes and you want to control which tax choices users get to choose from.

Accounting Integrations

Our improvements to tax didn’t stop at enabling and disabling tax rates. We also brought support for importing tax from QuickBooks Online. Now you don’t have to manually duplicate tax rates in both systems!

The Intacct connection now supports entities. This will allow you to connect your entity to a single policy and keep the same organization in both systems. What could be better than that (excluding donuts)?


Phew, that was a lot of new features! Interested in trying any or all of these features? Write to us at help@expensify.com to get started!

7 responses to What’s New for March 2016


    I am told by support that PDF receipts emailed in is no longer supported? Is this correct? Somehow i missed this….


    Hi, my name is Tommy. I currently using your company’s software. That is greatest software what i have never seen before. But i have a few question and request i want to tell you. I am the business man, I drive my car a lot. So i want to use that software to track my mile, but i have to open the software and do it manually every time. But i forgot to do it most of the time. I know that if the software request open the Location Services (GPS) all the time will decrease the battery life. Could your people create the option to let the user to choose to open that function all the time or not. I think that will be more convenient. And also, i very care about my privacy, i would like to set up my own password to protect my information. If this software has this function will be prefect for anyone. Those two thing is my suggestion, please take it seriously. At the end, i will waiting for the reply. Thank you.


    Hey Paul – we definitely still support them! Simply email your receipts to receipts@expensify.com to get them SmartScanned.


    Awesome feature added by them. Its very useful.


    Great blog..nice set of tools helpful for smooth functioning of any business


    Thanks Vipul!

    Natalie O'Connor December 16, 2016 at 2:15 pm

    Hi Tommy,
    We appreciate all user feedback, thank you for writing to us. At the moment, we are not working on creating the option for the GPS tracker to open automatically. Although, if you forget to turn your GPS on at the start of your trip, you can easily manually enter your mileage at the end of the trip in-app or web browser.

    You’re absolutely able to set your own password. Check out our Password Help Page for more information about how to do that.

    We hope this helps! For more timely responses, please reach out to help@expensify.com and our Success Team is happy to assist.

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