What’s New for February 2016

Tim Golen —  February 8, 2016 — Leave a comment

Winter is in full force across the US and we have been in full force rolling out all kinds of new features. The team also took a couple of weeks to focus on product stability and take care of some bugs that have been lingering for a while. All in all, a productive January indeed!

Updates for Mobile

The latest version of our mobile application has just hit the app store with 3D touch support (for iPhone 6S and 6S+). Using the 3D touch icon shortcut will take you straight to SmartScan to take pictures of your receipts.

3D Touch Shortcut for iPhone 6S and iPhone 6S+

3D Touch Shortcut for iPhone 6S and iPhone 6S+

Our support chat platform has been integrated into the mobile application so you are now just moments away from speaking directly with our support staff. None of your issues are too hard for us! Simply go to Account > Help and Feedback > Ask us anything to contact us.

Updates for Everyone

Duplicate Detection has finally arrived and will help you detect possible duplicate expenses. Reports will now flag expenses that look like similar expenses in your account, which  can be resolved by merging them, removing one, or ignoring it all together (because everyone makes mistakes sometimes, including us).

We rolled out a Vacation Delegate feature which gives you the ability to delegate your Expensify duties to someone else while you are relaxing at the beach. Don’t let the person you delegate to go on vacation though; it’s like searching Google for “Google”.

We listened to you and fine-tuned our Guided Review feature to make it more valuable. We have decreased the number of unnecessary warnings that are shown to you at each step in the reporting process and will now only show warnings that are applicable to the current state of the report. If you ever have to ask, “Why did (insert anything here) not happen with my report?”, the visible warnings should point you to the answer.

One of the big accomplishments for our UK Launch were some much needed improvements to how we handle tax. We have developed several new features in both the website and our mobile application that will let you manage complex tax regulations and give you more control over how the tax is calculated and reported.

Adding a deposit account just got a lot easier thanks to our integration with Plaid. With just a few clicks, you are just moments away from getting reimbursed directly to your bank account.

To go along with our new standard for communicating product changes to you, we have added an indicator next to the user menu which will point you to our Product Changes feed. We hope you enjoy reading about all the exciting things we are doing!

Updates for Admins

For over a year we have been striving to make expense reporting happen in real-time. We are finally turning all of our real-time features on by default for all new policies. Read more about it here.

We have also added a new Policy Auditor role which you can assign to users. This will allow them to see everything in your policy, comment on things, yet be restricted from making any other changes. This is great for bookkeepers and external auditors.

When you have reports setup to be auto harvested, there are now several new options for you to control when reports get submitted. Now you can set up a schedule that works for you and your company.

Finally, taking control of a domain is now easier when you have to contact our support team to validate your account. It’s much more clear what information we need from you, which will prevent back-and-forth communication and help us get to your request sooner.

Accounting Integrations

In the Report Fields section of the Policy Editor, you can now enable and disable specific options of a dropdown field. This will give you more control over the report fields that are imported from your accounting software.

Interested in trying any or all of these features? Write to us at help@expensify.com to get started!

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