Expensify now supports Items in QBO

mattcolet —  September 2, 2015 — 2 Comments

Hey there, it’s Matt from the Success Coach team in Expensify. Straight off the success from our Real Time Expense Report feature launch, you can now import Items from QuickBooks Online and use these Items in place of categories for expenses on your policies. Items are an excellent way to allow for greater reporting in QBO.

To quote Deborah Defer, Senior Director of Accounting Services at BDO:

“Small businesses may have the need for additional reporting.  Utilizing multiple feature sets of QuickBooks Online with invoicing customers, classing, items, locations, and items on vendor bills provides the ability to create customized  reports.  This is huge!” 

import QBO items to categories

To enable, set up your Items in QuickBooks Online, then update your policy in Expensify by clicking in to Admin > your policy >Connections. Under QuickBooks, click Configure and enable Import Items.


Your report submitters can then use these items in place of categories, by opening the expense and, under the Items heading, selecting the relevant Item.


So there we go! Another feature for accountants tracking expenditure via Expensify and QuickBooks Online. Need more detail? Our help page on this topic has more information.

Love Expensify? We’d really appreciate an honest review on Intuit’s App Center. As always, contact us with any questions at help@expensify.com! 

2 responses to Expensify now supports Items in QBO


    Good one article for quickbooks. Thank you..so much..


    Very nice Post! Keep going write these kind of QuickBooks articles.

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