Introducing the Expensify Infor VISUAL Connector Powered by Synergy Resources!

T.J. Ferriss —  February 23, 2015 — Leave a comment

Expensify has partnered with Synergy Resources, Infor Manufacturing Partner of the Year FY14, to develop a direct connection between Expensify and Infor VISUAL ERP. The connector was developed in line with Synergy Resources’ commitment to providing clients continuous improvement for their internal processes.Synergy_Logo_RGB

What Does This All Mean?

Manufacturing companies seeking a first class expense and receipt management solution can now seamlessly integrate Expensify with their Infor VISUAL back-end. 

“Many of our VISUAL ERP customers have sales teams and/or field service reps that currently spend many hours per week submitting expenses. Then the financial team has to spend many additional hours approving them and manually entering them into VISUAL,” said Paul Tedford, Business Solutions Manager of Synergy Resources. “With Expensify for VISUAL, we turn these hours/days into minutes saving our customers from errors, dollars, and time.”

How Does the Connector Make My Expense Reports Suck Less?

The Expensify Infor VISUAL connector allows companies to export approved Expensify expense reports using a module within Infor VISUAL. Gone are the days of moving spreadsheets files from one system to another. Synergy has developed a system where Infor VISUAL companies’ end-users create, submit, and approve expenses using Expensify’s SmartScan, mobile apps and approval workflow features. Once expenses are approved, the work in Expensify is complete. Company administrators then navigate to VISUAL, where they can pull in approved reports, based on a date range, and assign them to specific accounts in their system of record.

Awesome backend magic of the connector pulling approved reports from Expensify into Infor VISUAL!

Awesome backend magic of the connector pulling approved reports from Expensify into Infor VISUAL!

Synergy developed the Infor VISUAL Connector with Expensify to meet the expense management needs of businesses in highly specialized industries, such a manufacturing, aerospace and energy. “The Expensify solution truly does take the hassle out of submitting expense reports and processing them for any VISUAL customer in any industry, we look forward to seeing the results our customers experience due to this partnership,” said Tedford.

To learn more about the Expensify Infor VISUAL Connector and working with Synergy Resources, write to

We love collaborating with innovative companies! To learn more about partnering with Expensify, reach out to us at 

About Synergy:

Founded in 1992, Synergy Resources is dedicated to delivering solutions to the industrial manufacturing and distribution sector and is focused solely on the Infor ERP VISUAL™ product line. Our staff members are highly experienced individuals who have practical experience working in manufacturing, financial, and technical roles within the industrial business world.  Each of our implementation teams includes a dedicated specialist in each of these disciplines to ensure our customers are provided with the best possible business and product knowledge. Synergy Resources has helped over 800 manufacturing and distribution companies improve their operational performance and increase profitability. Learn how Synergy Resources can help your organization achieve improved results by visiting our website at:

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