Say Yes To Fabulous Skin and Time-Saving Expense Reports

Joanie Wang —  November 20, 2014 — Leave a comment

This week’s Expensifier of the Week is Yes To, a global leader in natural skin and hair care with awesome and affordable products made with fruits, veggies, and a smile!

A sample of Yes To's natural products

A sample of Yes To’s line of natural skin and hair products

Founded in 2006, Yes To, Inc‘s award-winning formulations are over 95% natural, have proven results, and are free of parabens, petroleum, and SLS. They offer seven unique collections, including products for face, body, hair, lips, and even babies to allow people to create their own natural ‘recipe’ that works for them. 

The Yes To Team

The Yes To Team!

Look at this beautiful team!

Picture this: a fun-loving, wine-drinking, yoga-doing, active-life-living bunch of folks in San Francisco who a) create affordable natural products that really work, b) give back by providing 50,000 meals to kids around the globe, and c) have a pretty awesome time doing it.

In case you haven’t figured it out yet, that’s the Yes To team.

From events and showcases around the country, the team travels often to spread the message about their natural skin and hair care products. While their products are innovative, their expense reporting solution was not.

Expense Reporting From The Past

“We were basically in the stone age when it came to expense reporting,” says Tracy Hart, CFO at Yes To, Inc. “We used to print a copy of the credit card statement and pass it around the office so that everyone could write “meal” or “taxi”, etc. next to their charge. This would then be hand-entered by a dedicated employee into our accounting system.”

She continues: “The process took days, so we then upgraded to downloading credit card activity and creating individual spreadsheets for each card holder with drop down menus for the expense accounts. Each card holder would complete their spreadsheet and go through the painful process of taping all their receipts to blank pages and attaching those to their printed spreadsheet. These would also have to be manually entered by the same dedicated employee. When we switched to Expensify, I think I saw that person shedding little tears of joy,” says Hart.

Vetting, Then Switching to Expensify

The decision to change expense reporting systems wasn’t easy. After all, no matter how time-consuming your current process is, there’s always the fear that the next one will be even worse. Before switching to Expensify, the management team wanted to make sure that the platform would be:

  • More time efficient, including the time it would take to implement the platform and train the team
  • Easy to learn and use
  • Cost effective

“After a quick poll to see if our prospective users would appreciate the implementation of Expensify, an overview the low costs of Expensify and adding up how much time would be saved across the board, switching to Expensify was unanimously approved,” recalls Hart.

Unanimously? We’ll take it!

Favorite Feature? How About Features?

Tracy Hart, CFO at Yes To

Tracy Hart, CFO at Yes To

While speaking with Hart, she mentioned a couple of features that her team found extra beneficial and helped make processing information easy. “Importing and exporting data is very easy to do within the [Expensify] system. The process of downloading and uploading the information into our ERP system is made very simple with Expensify’s customizable download features.

Yes To’s internal documentation also improved with Expensify. “Paper receipts disappear, but not in Expensify. Now that we use the app, we don’t have to worry about receipts turning blank or getting torn off. The app easily stores all expense reports electronically,” she says.

SmartScan also changed the way employees thought about expense reporting. [With Expensify, our employees] are able to ditch their old school receipt envelopes in favor of snapping pictures of their receipts at the dinner table or forwarding them via email,” Hart says. “Team members are now able to create their expense reports in real-time instead of waiting to consolidate the information and complete their reports at the end of the month.”

We love that the Yes To team loves our mobile functionality, and we can’t wait to hear what she says when our new Real Time Expense Reporting features come out!

Customer Service: Not Really a Feature But We Love It!

“When we migrated from using QuickBooks to Oracle, we needed to find a new way to upload our data to our new ERP system. Multiple customer service representatives were very helpful in assisting Juliet, who is responsible for managing expense reporting, with designing a personalized download template that fit our needs,” Hart recalls.

“I would recommend Expensify to anyone who is looking for a process improvement. The program has dramatically improved the expense reporting process for both our company’s users and administrators. Our process is more time efficient, organized, and the quality of historical data and reporting has been enhanced since we implemented Expensify.”

See? Expense reporting can be just as easy for you if you let it be (not to mention, Yes To transitioned accounting packages without a hitch on their own)! We love that we’re helping Yes To focus on spreading their product’s message to people all over the world by leaving the expense reporting to us.

Like what you hear? Switching from Quickbooks to Oracle and need a clean, easy-to-use expense reporting software? Try us out for free today or email to learn more about how we can simply your expense reporting process!

Joanie Wang


Joanie Wang is the marketing lead at Expensify. When she isn't helping rid the world of expense reports that suck, she is doing yoga, diving into SF's culinary scene, or playing with her adorable puppy Arya.

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