It’s Time for An Upgrade Featuring Bitly

Joanie Wang —  November 13, 2014 — Leave a comment

Bitly logoYou’ve seen them all over the web — Twitter, Facebook, Reddit, your email, and more — but you might have not noticed. That’s how simple Bitly works.

Bitly’s mission is to empower marketers to makebetter decisions by providing insight into the connected world. Since 2008, the company has been committed to unleashing the power of the link. Based in NYC, Bitly shortens more than half a billion links per month as an integral part of social, SMS, and email efforts from brands, marketers, publishers, government organizations, non-profits and individual users.

Processing more than eight billion clicks on those links per month, Bitly continues to work unveiling new products while generating one of the most valuable proprietary datasets in the world today.

Puzzles are Fun, But Not Like This

Some of the Bitly team having fun (but not with their expense reports!)

Some of the Bitly team having fun (but not with their expense reports!)

Before Bitly started using Expensify, their expense reporting system was this.

  1. Use post-it notes and paper clips to gather receipts
  2. Submit to bookkeeper
  3. Bookkeeper would then manually key in the details at a summary level detail
  4. File the reports into obscurity

Really though, this expense reporting method was more of a problem than a solution. They needed an upgrade.

Let Me Upgrade U

A wise woman once said,

“Partner let me upgrade you
Flip a new page
Introduce you to some new things
And upgrade you”

Bitly wanted an upgrade, badly. So after hearing good things about Expensify, they decided to test us out.

“Expensify [quickly became] an easy, simple solution for a process that we had struggled to optimize,” says Brian Saplicki, Finance and Operations Manager. “The iPhone app was a nice surprise — it helped our team get reports in faster and minimize the paper trail normally created.”

In addition to an easy-to-use mobile application, Saplicki found that keeping expenses in one place helped create a catalogue of historical records that added transparency to the expense reporting process. Other features the team loved include consolidated reports and approval workflows to help better manage the expense reporting process.

“Expensify solves a simple problem that somehow manages to be a headache,” Saplicki says. “[The app] help us consolidate the chaos, and I would and already have recommended the app to other users facing similar issues.”

Want to get rid of Post It note-covered expense reports? Give us a try with a free trial today!

Joanie Wang


Joanie Wang is the marketing lead at Expensify. When she isn't helping rid the world of expense reports that suck, she is doing yoga, diving into SF's culinary scene, or playing with her adorable puppy Arya.

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