Travel the World Like a Local with Couchsurfing!

Joanie Wang —  October 21, 2014 — Leave a comment

If there’s one thing we love at Expensify more than Lemony, it’s our community of users. From independent contractors to not-for-profits to established startups and companies, we have some of the coolest users in the world. Starting today, we’ll be highlighting some of them in our weekly series, Expensifier of the Week.

Kicking off the series is…. *Drum roll*

Couchsurfing logo 

Love to travel and on a budget? This week we’re profiling Couchsurfing, a global travel network connecting travelers with local hosts in over 120,000 cities worldwide. Read their story, see how they Expensify, and if you’re feeling adventurous, try them out on your next jet-set adventure!

The Couchsurfing Team

The amazing Couchsurfing team

Hold up, hold up: What is Couchsurfing?

In case you’ve been living under a rock for the last decade, couchsurfing is the fun, affordable way to travel. Couchsurfing makes it possible to travel anywhere in the world – like a local. It’s a global travel network connecting 10 million members in over 120,000 cities. Couchsurfers host each other in their homes, exploring the world while sharing their lives, their homes and their journeys. They also create millions of activities each week to meet up with like-minded travelers at home or on the road. 

“Couchsurfing members believe in a world made better by travel and travel made richer by connection,” says Kate Totten, Operations Manager at Couchsurfing. “They find adventure in the discovery of new friends and experiences, as well as miles traveled.”

It’s Not Just Couches We Surf On….

Couchsurfers don’t stick to couches or guest bedrooms – they also boat-surf in Hawaii, cave-surf in Jordan and yurt-surf in Mongolia. They come from every age and background, traveling and hosting as families, seniors, and students from the woods of New South Wales to the far north of Norway.

Even Couchsurfers Need to Report Expenses…

Kate Totten, Operations Manager at Couchsurfing

Kate Totten, Operations Manager at Couchsurfing and Expensifier We Love

Before Couchsurfing started using Expensify, employees would fill out expense reports on an Excel spreadsheet which were then emailed to an approving supervisor. When this process became too tedious, the company decided to look for other solutions.

“We had heard great things about [Expensify] from other companies, so we decided to try them out, says Totten. “After using them for a bit, I was surprised to find that for the first time, I didn’t dread doing expense reports.” Making people not hate expense reports, that’s definitely a win for us!

Totten continues, “Expensify was so easy to use that I stopped waiting until the last minute to do reports and instead would get to them right away. Expensify’s best feature is the ability to just take a picture of a receipt and upload it via the app in seconds. You never have to use the scanner again!”

Last Words of Wisdom

“The top benefit of Expensify is usability. It takes very little time to set up, and the user experience is so seamless and intuitive that employees jump right into it. They have no complaints with integrating Expensify into their everyday work lives,” says Totten. “I would absolutely recommend Expensify to other companies. It takes all the hassle out of expenses for both employees and managers.”

Want to test us out and not dread your next expense report? Love Expensify and want to be featured on our weekly series? Leave us a comment or email!

Joanie Wang


Joanie Wang is the marketing lead at Expensify. When she isn't helping rid the world of expense reports that suck, she is doing yoga, diving into SF's culinary scene, or playing with her adorable puppy Arya.

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