Expensify App 4.3.0: Wingman Everywhere

Thomas Genin —  May 21, 2014 — 5 Comments

This week we’re releasing version 4.3.0 of our mobile app on iPhone and Android. In addition to the many small bug fixes and other improvements, this release includes the ability to use Wingman on your phone. With Wingman, you can give someone full access to your account full access to your account without having to share your password. Expensify will continue to keep a paper trail of each user’s actual actions. So when your Wingman performs an action on a report, we record that it was them, not you. 

Signing up for Wingman

It’s extremely easy to add a Wingman. Just log into the web app (at expensify.com), navigate to your settings, and invite someone to be your Wingman.

Wingman Settings

Here is a screenshot of Carlos account ( I used Wingman to get it 😉 )

Above you see that Giorgio, Garrett, and I have Wingman access to Carlos’ account and that Carlos can log into two tests accounts and Giorgio’s account.

Using Wingman

To use the feature on the web, I just click on the user menu ( avatar in the top right ) and I can see the list of accounts that I can access.

Using Wingman

On my mobile app, I can go to settings to connect to Carlos’ account.

Access to Wingman on Mobile

Tapping on this row shows the list of users that I have Wingman access with.

Wingman accounts

Now I just select the user’s account I want to access.

I am Carlos!

Back on the home screen, I see that the header and tabs are a different color and there is a small wingman icon on the settings.


I can even forward receipts into accounts that you have access to:

Wingman Email

Go give it a whirl!  And remember, always practice safe Wingmanning.

5 responses to Expensify App 4.3.0: Wingman Everywhere


    Thanks! Please take away approval ability in the Wingman access. We don’t want our Wingmen to be able to approve in lieu of the manager. Ie an Admin Assistant approving reports instead of the CEO. This is an internal control issue.

    Thanks! Awesome update!


    Thanks for the feedback David.

    While it is not possible for the moment, if a Wingman approve a report, it will appear in the report history.


    Thank you so much for finally implementing this feature!! As an assistant, this feature is priceless!

    Terra Laverty June 3, 2014 at 8:48 am

    When will this be ready for the Windows phones? I would love to try it out.


    It’s already there! Search Expensify in the Windows Phone Store, or click here.

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