Coming Soon: Upgraded QuickBooks Online Integration!

Francois Laithier —  April 4, 2014 — 4 Comments

In a few weeks, Expensify will be releasing a brand new version of our QuickBooks Online integration. This complete overhaul was built to be faster, more stable, and so much easier to use.

Here’s a brief overview of the new features that will be part of this integration:

  • Vastly simplified connection setup: configure the policy once and export your reports to QBO without having to specify which accounts to export to, or export type, etc.
  • Billable flags are now passed from Expensify to QBO
  • Classes and locations now import as report fields in Expensify
  • Export preferences can be configured based on expense type (reimbursable vs. non-reimbursable)
  • Employee and vendor records automatically match to the Expensify report submitter.
  • Connect your Expensify policy to QBO in two clicks.

QBO Connection Dialogue

The QBO connection configuration dialog


Additional features, like tax support and export date configuration, are already planned and will be added in the future.

This new integration is currently in a closed beta test. If you would like to take part in this beta, simply email and specify that you would like to be able to test the new QuickBooks Online integration.

Thanks, we can’t wait for this to go live!

4 responses to Coming Soon: Upgraded QuickBooks Online Integration!


    Something to consider… syncing Expensify with QB items (vs. GL Accounts). We had a very simple P&L and we were using seperate items which all landed in one spesific GL. Until I had to create 15 new GL’s because Expensify doesn’t sync with items. Again, something to consider…
    Thank you


    Hey there!

    That’s not a use case we’ve heard too often before, but that is certainly great feedback and definitely something we will consider implementing in the future!

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