Xero + Expensify: A Match Made in Paperless Heaven

Ryan Schaffer —  September 17, 2013 — 1 Comment

Expensify Xero IntegrationWe’re excited to officially introduce the Expensify Xero Integration! Users from both of our companies have been requesting we sync up and make this happen and now that fantasy is reality.  Log in now to experience Expensify/Xero nirvana!

The integration is powerful, yet simple.  First, we pull in your expense accounts (or any account that has “Show In Expense Claims”) from Xero as Expensify categories. Next, just use Expensify like normal, but categorize your expenses using the new Xero categories. Once your reports have been submitted and approved you click “Export to Xero” and you’re done! Your Expensify reports are now bills in Xero! It’s as simple as that.

Head over to http://use.expensify.com/xero to get started. As an added bonus, Xero is giving Expensify users a great deal, so check it out! (New sign ups only) Once you’ve given it a spin, let me know what you think! We will continue to look for ways to improve this integration, so email any Xero integration feedback you have to ryan@expensify.com.

Ryan Schaffer


Expensify Director of Marketing and Strategy

One response to Xero + Expensify: A Match Made in Paperless Heaven


    Thanks… Really helps me

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