Good News: Approval Workflows Just Got Better!

Ryan Schaffer —  June 7, 2013 — 2 Comments

Here at Expensify, we’re constantly striving to improve our product. User feedback drives a majority of these improvements. Corporate Card Reconciliation, Invoicing, and Prepay are all examples of new features developed due to user demand. Now, we are happy to announce some improvements to our report approval workflows. The workflows were already highly customizable, but our users wanted more options. You asked for it, and we’ve delivered! Approval workflows now have the ability to dynamically change based on report value. 

Previously, our workflows were static. The report had to go through a predefined flow no matter what. A common suggestion heard was to make reports go to different people based on value of report. So now, if a report is over/under $X the flow will adapt and reroute to a different person.

Here are some examples:


Sales person submits $5000.00 expense report to their manager.  The manager submits to a junior accountant. This is a very typical flow and works for a majority of companies. The problem here is that some companies have policies that reports over a certain value cannot be approved by anyone other than the head of accounting.


Sales person submits $5000.00 expense report to their manager. Expensify detects that the expense report is $5000.00 and the junior accountant is not allowed to approve amounts of $5000.00. Once the manager approves, the approval flow is dynamically rerouted to the head of accounting who then approves and submits to the CFO. This lets you have create multiple conditions to reroute to various people within the organization letting you create a custom approval flow solution for your company.

Just another way Expensify gives you options while saving your company time and money! Give it a try and let us know what you think. Be sure to check out all the other new features we’ve released this year and feel free to email your feedback or suggestions to

Updated: Changed the workflow example as it was slightly incorrect at time of publishing.

Ryan Schaffer


Expensify Director of Marketing and Strategy

2 responses to Good News: Approval Workflows Just Got Better!


    Still hoping you’ll offer the ability to put a “Name” next to the email address where people are listing for a given policy.


    Hi Mark!

    Thanks for writing in. We actually have a feature on the Corporate plan that allows you to input unique UserIDs and PayrollIDs for users. Many companies either input employee ID numbers or the name of the actual employee in these fields. For more information, please refer to

    Thanks for using Expensify!

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