Announcing our FinancialForce Integration: SalesForce and Then Some!

garrettmknight —  March 19, 2013 — 2 Comments


We’ve bolstered our current SalesForce integration (available on our Team plan) by adding support for FinancialForce. The FinancialForce integration is available on our Corporate plan. Once you’ve setup these integrations up in your account you can: 

  • Centrally manage users
  • Tag expenses with Salesforce Accounts and Opportunities
  • Tag expenses with FinancialForce Projects and Milestones
  • Submit expense reports directly to FinancialForce

Connect Expensify and Salesforce + FinancialForce

Visit our Salesforce page for instructions on how to connect Expensify and Salesforce. Once you have connected to Salesforce, you will see the option to have reports submitted to FinancialForce PSA as well. Make sure that you have created an Expensify account that has been upgraded to the Corporate plan prior to connecting to Salesforce.

Connect to FinancialForce

Once you’ve checked the ‘Submit reports to FinancialForce PSA’ checkbox, you’ll need to click ‘Sync’ in order to initiate the connection. Whenever you need to update your FinancialForce connection, simply navigate to this page and click ‘Sync’ again.

Using the Salesforce + FinancialForce Integration

Step 1: Tag Expenses

If tags are synced, all Accounts, Opportunities, Projects, and Milestones will be pulled into Expensify from Salesforce/FinancialForce and available for users as tags.

Financialforce Tags

Step 2: Submit to FinancialForce

Our submit to FinancialForce feature works just like submitting any other report in Expensify. Just click submit and you’re done!

Submit to FinancialForce

As always, if you have any questions at all about connecting to SalesForce or FinancialForce, please reach out to our support team at Welcome to the Force!

2 responses to Announcing our FinancialForce Integration: SalesForce and Then Some!


    It would also be great if there is an Integration with Solve360


    Hey Ivan,

    If you’ll reach out to we can look into the possibility of integrating with Solve360 for you. Thanks for your help with this!

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