Pro-Tips Monday: Approver Super Powers

elissamalmquist —  February 11, 2013 — 2 Comments

Approved: past participle, past tense of ap·prove (Verb) – Officially agree to or accept as satisfactory: “Your expense report has been approved and you will now be reimbursed.”

Approver: (Noun) One who has the authority to approve: “I have submitted my expense report to an approver.”

As an Approver in Expensify you are not restricted to merely “Approving” reports (yay!) or “Rejecting” reports (boo!) based on minor mistakes. Approvers have some pretty substantial abilities when it comes to reports submitted to them.  You can change anything in the report that the submitter can change EXCEPT detaching a receipt from an expense.  That means you DO have the ability to edit:

  • Merchant name
  • Expense amount
  • Expense date
  • Expense categories
  • Expense tags (including multi-level tagging!)
  • Report titles
  • Report fields
  • Attach a missing receipt
  • Even the Report Policy itself!

Let’s say for example you have an employee, Sally, who keeps on forgetting that she must categorize her expenses within the correct policy before submitting her report.  You don’t want to reject her report or expenses, send it back to her, and risk the potential for hurting her feelings 😥  But you certainly can’t approve it with those violations either…

In come the Approver Super Powers!  You can change the Categories or Tags of her expenses until the report is ready to be approved.

Now doesn’t that report look better? Don’t you feel powerful?  And, no feelings were hurt in the process! If you have any questions about other unknown super powers in Expensify, please contact us at

*P.S If you’re concerned about extraneous changes being made to reports by all-powerful approvers, you can always check out the Report History & Comments section at the bottom of the report, to see what changes have been made.

2 responses to Pro-Tips Monday: Approver Super Powers


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