Pro-Tips Monday: Multi-Page Receipts

garrettmknight —  January 21, 2013 — 11 Comments

Managing multi-page PDF receipts in Expensify is simple. To begin, just upload them as you would usually (forward to or upload them to the site). Once uploaded, you are free to attach the PDF to an expense much like any receipt image. You’ll notice that the thumbnail image in Expensify only displays the first page; don’t worry, we’ve got the other pages too.

In order to view all receipt pages just open the ‘Edit Expense/Receipt’ window and click the ‘download’ button below the image. This will open the receipt, in its entirety, in another tab in your web browser. 


Alternatively, select the ‘Include full page images in PDF’ option on your report before printing a PDF and you’ll be able to view all pages of a receipt in the resulting PDF.


If you have any further multi-page questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us at and we’ll get them smoothed out.

11 responses to Pro-Tips Monday: Multi-Page Receipts


    Accounting is not a fan of this feature… It seems like extra steps (downloading, opening, closing) when you could make it show all pages (either w/ left/right arrows or scrolling, or any number of options). They just need a quick visual that we didn’t buy things we’re not supposed to.

    Also, the ability to add an expense via the credit card and an image of the receipt would be nice (and have the CC proof there as well).

    Better than not being able to do multipages? Yes.


    Hey Matt,

    Thanks for the feedback on multi-page viewing. I’ve shared it with our web team to see what we can do to support it.

    You can import your credit card transactions automatically into Expensify and attach a receipt image for further documentation. To import your card, follow the directions on our Import page. Attaching a receipt is as simple as opening your imported credit card expense, clicking the ‘Attach receipt’ button and selecting your receipt image.

    If you have any questions going forward, please feel free to contact and we’ll be glad to help!


    I haven’t found the ability to attach multiple receipts to an expense via the mobile app. Am I missing it? Thanks!


    Hey David,

    Definitely something on our list of things to do. Thanks for your input!


    It sounds like this feature lets you save and print multi page pdf files (itinerary, hotel folio).

    Is there a similar feature for attaching multiple receipt images to one expense?
    Would I need to use a different app to capture and convert a standard 2 page credit card receipt to a pdf to be able to use this function?

    My admin and accounting group require both the credit slips and the itemized bills.
    My corporate card is not supported, but am still able to import the transaction list, after a tedious export import process.

    I have run into problems using a receipt scanner, or taking separate pictures of the two pages of each receipt, It creates two expenses, before the the third from the CC import, that all have to be merged.

    One work around is taking a pic of both receipts side by side. That works great when I snap them at the time of the transaction, but if I’m in a rush and have to capture it later and one or the other is missing, its a pain to reconcile.


    This is a giant #FAIL. In the real world, receipts are more than one page. Important information can be found on more than the front page. Worse yet, many of my receipts seem to have ended up with the ‘back side’ of the receipt as the thumb.

    Any timeline for a fix?

    I was doing a trial run w/my accountant and this will probably stop us from adopting Expensify. Seems a huge feature gap. Am I missing something here? Worried that this is just the first of many letdowns, esp. for an app that is centered on receipt management.


    Hi David, sorry for the slow response. On the website we show multi-page PDF receipts in a multi-page viewer, so I think that should work for you just fine. As for the “back side” being a thumbnail, that is very unusual — I don’t think I’ve ever heard of that before. Can you email so we can diagnose it? Thanks!


    Hi Kathy, unfortunately we can’t create multi-page receipts using the Expensify app yet. However, we have partnered with another app named Genius Scan which creates multi-page receipts just fine — and with its Pro version you can upload directly to Expensify from within the app. (Otherwise just email the PDF to Thanks!


    Hi Jeremy, that’s right — Expensify supports multi-page PDF receipts just fine: just upload them to the site or email them to They’ll be attached to the report in full, and you can view all the pages in the browser. The one thing we don’t yet do is create multi-page PDF receipts using our mobile app. For that, can you check out our partner app Genius Scan? Thanks!


    (1) Most multi-page recept vendors (hotels and the like) are often more than happy to email me a copy of the receipt at check out. From this point I simply forward the email on for upload through Expensify. Also; (2) I’ve found it pretty simple (though clunky) to use a seperate PDF camera scanner app to capture multi-page receipts into a single PDF document, then email them into Expensify. Both methods would be easily avoidable with added option of additional receipt pages per expense.


    How about an sub app option for Genius Scan an input device, or a “send to Expensify” option in Genius Scan?

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