Pro Tips Monday: Setting Up Your Approval Workflow

Puneet Lath —  April 30, 2012 — Leave a comment

The people section of your company expense policy can sometimes be confusing to set up. In this blog post, I will go over what the various fields mean as well as a few examples of how your people section can be set up.

Email: everyone is designated in Expensify by their email address.

Submits to: This is who the expense reports will be first submitted to. Employees who don’t approve expense reports will only have their “submits to” field filled (no one in their “forwards to” field).

Forwards to: Only approvers will have their “forwards to” line filled. This line designates who expense reports should be forwarded to for further approval.

Admin: Being an admin of an expense policy gives you the ability to change policy settings, add/remove people to the policy, and view any report that has been submitted within the policy.

The following are examples of how this will look when set up correctly.

Example 1:

For this example we will say that there are 3 groups of people involved in the company.

Employees only submit expense reports; they have no approving powers. Their expense reports are submitted to their manager who forwards them on for further approval. Employees have their manager in the “submits to” field and no one in their “forwards to” field.

Managers approve employee expense reports and submit reports of their own. They forward the reports they receive to accounting after approval and send their own personal expense reports directly to accounting as well. They have accounting in both their “submits to” and “forwards to” fields.

Accounting does not submit any expense reports. They receive all expense reports. For accounting we will go ahead and put accounting in the “submits to” field because they will not be submitting expense reports to anyone. Accounting will have no one in their “forwards to” field because they are the final approver (they don’t forward reports to anyone).

Example 2:

In this example we will still have 3 groups of people. The only difference is that instead of having managers submit their own personal expense reports directly to accounting, they are submitted to another manager for first approval and then forwarded to accounting.

In this case the Manager 1’s “submits to” field will have Manager 2. Everything else will stay the same.

If you have any questions about setting up your approval workflow please feel free to contact us at!

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