We’re hiring WIN-terns because we know you’re a WINNER

alexandrarevelli —  March 1, 2012 — 2 Comments

We’re Hiring WINterns!

That’s right folks. We are making moves. We currently have three spots open for YOU college Computer Science people, looking to get a #WINNING Expensify experience. If you are excited about the opportunity to really contribute to a developing product, then keep reading, my loves, keep reading.

Let’s talk about these openings. Two are straight up summer internships for you kids who have to get back in the fall. Short, sweet and to the point we will give you amazing hands on experience managing your own project here! We have several projects that could be your very own and with a little mentorship from one of our own software engineers, we will give you all the tools you need to be a rockstar.

The third one is a longer term co-op. We have officially decided to do it. Yes. A co-op. Starting this summer. This is essentially the same as the other internships but with the length of time you will be given even more experience with our website, projects and our super cool team!

Perks of being an Expensify WIN-tern? The list never ends. Well it does but its still awesome. We will provide housing and pay you a little something for being so cool. Lunch can be expensified every day plus dinner for those who stay late. Anything can be added to the grocery list each week so whatever your heart desires is available for snack time.

Questions, comments, excited to apply? GREAT! We love the enthusiasm. Lets do this. Our application process is the same as our full time application but when you diligently send it to jobs@expensify.com with your resume also attached, can you put “WINTERN” in the subject so I don’t jump to conclusions that you are just SO excited about Expensify that you want to drop out of school to work with our rockstar team of engineers? Thanks!

I am so looking forward to hearing from you!

2 responses to We’re hiring WIN-terns because we know you’re a WINNER


    I am thrilled to find out about this. Just applied! Hope I can be a Win-tern!

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