Expensify Web Receipts Extension for Google Chrome

Thomas Genin —  February 20, 2012 — 13 Comments

In case you haven’t already heard, Expensify’s Web Receipts extension for Google Chrome helps you capture receipts from the websites you visit in just one click.

Expensify Google Chrome Extension

Expensify Google Chrome Extension

Install the extension and connect it to your account and you’ll be ready to send us web receipts.

Expensify Chrome Extension menu

Expensify Chrome Extension menu

We’ll create a screenshot of the entire webpage and send it to Expensify.

No need to save a file to your desktop and to upload it to Expensify.

No need to get an email and forward it to receipts@expensify.com.

No, just one click and you are done!

Receipt Created

Receipt Created

Find a bug or have a suggestion?  Just pop us an email at help@expensify.com.

Also if you like the extension, please leave a review and Google +1 it!

13 responses to Expensify Web Receipts Extension for Google Chrome


    I just can’t believe that you released for Chrome but not for Firefox. I uninstalled Chrome for some serious security breaches.


    Hello, I’m not going to answer the troll about Chrome.
    Regarding Firefox, it is way more complex to do an extension with the same functionnality. ( Need NPAPI with Java Plugin = no thank you ).
    This extension was a small side project that we decide to publish, we don’t have the ressources to develop on every browser. But if you are interested to develop one for Firefox, we can talk


    This is a great feature!

    I’m not trolling, but I also uninstalled Chrome a few months ago. It requires Java and was the vector for a Java classpath attack on my machine.

    I use Firefox primarily now and IE9 as a backup.

    I hope you do find time to build a Firefox plugin for this feature

    (I love Expensify, by the way. I got my whole company – 160+ people – signed up!)


    I love it! So easy to use. It’s great to be able to have all my receipts in one place to help me keep track of my spending. And thank you for doing this for Chrome. Chrome always seems to be missed out when it comes to helpful extensions.


    If you got any issue with it, please let us know.


    I seem to be getting a lot of “Oops…Something went wrong” Any idea what that is about? It says I am logged in.


    Hey joe, our server got issue this morning. Can you retry now and let me know if you still have issue ? thanks


    Thanks, but I still get the oops. What next?


    Well we are having issue. We are working on fixing that. I will let you know when it is solved.


    Hey, we push some fixes. can you retry? Thanks so much



    Is it possible for you to release the extension for Safari (Mac) too?


    Hi – While Safari and Chrome are both webkit, Safari involves additional development issues that we haven’t had time to overcome. So for now, we’re focused exclusively on the Google Chrome extension. Sorry!

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