Expensify Relocation Box

Thomas Genin —  December 1, 2011 — Leave a comment
French Passeport

French Passeport

Expensify is a very innovative company. We have an awesome expense report system, a cross platform framework for mobile development, real replication layer, … But we also innovate on non-technical areas, such as immigration.

But soon, Giorgio is going to join us in our office in San Francisco. For the occasion, he will be the first to really try our relocation box!

As the only non-American Expensify employee working in the US, I was the best person to beta test it.

Relocation Box

Relocation Box

Usually, company pays for plane tickets, but first class flights are over-rated! Spending 12 hours in a nice box, full of peanuts, is the new way to travel! You will have the impression to be in a bubble. A square and white bubble …

Janitor Love

And the janitor will also love it!

PS: no animals were harm in the making of this video.

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