Vietnam 2011: Working in Vietnam

Thomas Genin —  November 2, 2011 — 1 Comment

Despite the fact that we are in Vietnam, we are still working.

Gourmet Garden in Hoi An

Gourmet Garden in Hoi An


People don’t really understand this concept of travel/work, so it is always funny to see their reaction when they see a group of people arriving in a restaurant, each of them turning on a laptop, starting to look for an electrical outlet, asking about wi-fi signal…

Witold, working in a Bus

Witold, working on a bus

Our main problem is to find reliable access to the internet. The engineers can live without for brief periods as they are use Git to version our code (which fully supports offline mode), and also because our local development environment recreates the entire “Expensify ecosystem” without being connected to the network. This feature allow us to work in some pretty weird places.

A café in Hué

A café in Hué

Be most of the time, we have no problems. Restaurant owners and staff are happy to have customers who are going to stay all day and ordering smoothies after coffees. Although, one restaurant charged us a daily rent to pay for our electricity!

Kevin, working in an Hotel lobby

Kevin, working in a hotel lobby

Breakfast place in Hoi An

Our breakfast place in Hoi An

Gourmet Garden in Hoi An

Gourmet Garden in Hoi An

Art Talk, Hanoi

Art Talk Cafe, Hanoi

Illy Café, Hanoi

Illy Café, Hanoi

Working in an Hotel room

Working in a hotel room

One response to Vietnam 2011: Working in Vietnam


    Thanks for sharing guys, what a neat experience. Any recommendations on places to eat or visit while in Hanoi. Great just on the app, keep it up.

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