Expensify Offshore 2011: Vietnam

Thomas Genin —  October 25, 2011 — Leave a comment
Flag of Vietnam

Flag of Vietnam

Expensify tries to be a cutting-edge company. We use awesome new technology and try to detect the new tendencies of the world of the expense report. But Expensify also tries to do some innovation on the side of the “team spirit building”.

One of these initiative is the annual offshore. Every year, Expensify spends one month abroad. This tradition was born in the previous start-up of the “oldest” team member and has been naturally repeated for the Expensify adventure.

What do you mean by offshore?

It is pretty straight forward: the team goes to work in another country. By the team I mean the whole team: CEO, CFO, engineers and non-technical employees.

We spent a few hours to discuss the choice of the destination. The requirements were pretty simple: a “cheap” country with decent access to the Internet, if possible a country that nobody has visited yet, awesome weather and an easy-to-get visa. The two finalists were Argentina and Vietnam. After a terrible debate, Vietnam was the winner.

So we booked airplane tickets to Hanoi, with a return date 30 days later. And over the course of a week, we were all in Vietnam!

This post is just the first one a series of post which will explain our trip and its great moments.

Flight Board

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