Now’s Your Chance. The Comment Gate Is Wide Open

Jason Mills —  July 5, 2011 — 7 Comments

Hello everyone out in Expensify Land! Today we write with two mission-critical questions:

1. What reporting requirements does your company have that our application has not yet addressed?
2. What features could we add that aren’t required but would simply make your life easier?

Sure we’d like to know more – like what adoption barriers Expensify faces at your company – but let’s face it, in the Internet age our attention span is about as short as a hamster’s memory capacity is small. So go ahead. Now’s your chance. The comment gate is wide open!

We’d like to hear from you on these topics because you – that’s right YOU – are the maverick employees helping us lead the charge against arcane norms in the expense reporting world. You – whether you know it or not – are out on the front lines fighting with us against awkward “solutions” that weren’t intended to make expense reporting easy, like Excel or the manila folder.

The Battle of Excel

The Battle Against Excel (Dramatic Re-enactment)

Now if you’d read this far…then congrats to you! You’re a rare breed; most people don’t make it here. We’d love to hear interesting success stories that your entire company has had using Expensify. In fact, WE’RE HAPPY TO FEATURE YOU ON THIS BLOG!

If you’re shy, then no problem. Contact us at or Share your feedback and success stories with us!

Up next week: We’ll respond to what everyone had to say and keep the conversation going. Until then, don’t be shy! Contribute in your own way. We want to make our compelling product even more so. Together, we can make something that’s doesn’t suck!

7 responses to Now’s Your Chance. The Comment Gate Is Wide Open


    Option to add more comment fields when entering expenses please. One isn’t enough to add all the necessary detail – eg. method of payment, any reference numbers, detail on what you bought etc. Atm you have to ‘text to columns’ in the exported csv which is just boring. Thanks!


    Feature to sum staff reimbursable at the end of the period would be crazy handy.


    Report screen
    Display sum of total reimbursable amount displayed for all non-archived expense reports.
    All administrators see same report screen.
    Display date/time of final report approval
    Replace “Exported” check mark with date of export, keep last date of export as a stored field
    Option to remove shared column
    Option to show expenses for a particular category on the report screen (maybe pick and choose expense report fields to be displayed on the report screen)
    It seems like there is the potential for a delay between approval of a report and when it shows up in the Report screen. If this happens regularly, then need a field that shows when the report arrived in the report screen. Needed as we keep strict deadlines for month-end report submission.

    Allow specification of approval limits and flag when approved report exceeds approval limit

    Due to potential PII, additional IT security review is being conducted. We’ll update you if they have concerns.

    Custom exports shared between all administrators, instead of retyping into each account settings

    Mileage reimbursement rate maintained at policy level.

    I haven’t used this screen as much, but I can’t see managing several hundred people with the current format. Need to be able to export, group, have a grouping field like department, etc.


    The ability to upload a custom expense report excel sheet file or email it to Expensify would be awesome. Then when I created a report with my expenses, I could have it emailed to me already in the format my company uses; sorted correctly and with all the columns in the right places. I tried to customize the sheet using your options, but have a pretty basic understanding of excel sheet formatting and wasn’t able to figure it out. I am currently paying for a monthly subscription with another service that offers this for about $10 a month. Other than that, Expensify is almost perfect! Keep up the great work! 🙂


    A report to generate client billing across all users would be extremely helpful! We use Tags to break down expense reports against our projects. It would be great to be able to have the system pick up all the expenses for a particular project across all employees to create a client bill with all the backup.

    Also, maybe now that you have a “rebill” feature, we can mark what has been rebelled and what hasn’t, so the system can generate this project report based on that data.

    Thanks – we love the Expensify system, and really appreciate your allowing input like this!


    Hi from Canada, Canadian banks please…


    Thanks everyone for your comments! These are all extremely helpful in shaping the development of our product. We’ll be in touch as we introduce new features in the coming weeks and months!

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