Office Profile: McMeet Matt

Jason Mills —  June 21, 2011 — 1 Comment
Matt with Friends in Ohio

When people ask why Matt (far left) can act so strange sometimes, he simply references the people he hung out with in Ohio and that pretty much explains it all.

Name: Matt McNamara

Alter Egos, if any: Phronesis, Mahmahnamahra

Hometown: Dayton, OH

Expensify Job Title/Role: Software Engineer

When did you start working for Expensify? May 2011

What is the most exciting project you’ve completed so far for Expensify? For the Unofficial Finovate After Party, I hacked together a really quick “drinks served” app. Our bartenders used this Android app to visually track the beverages they dished out on our big screen TV.  It was exciting because it was a very last-minute idea that ended up being pretty funny and highly inaccurate.

When you’re not fine-tuning expense reports that don’t suck, what projects do you work on in your off-time? I created, and still write for, a satire blog that has a very niche market, yet decent readership.  Although I just moved to the Bay Area, I’m working on getting involved with a local Marianist high school to volunteer and help kids who are interested in technology and web development.

Caricature of Matt Circa 2007

Matt, not much unlike this highly accurate artistic representation from 2007, frequently has a large grin and enjoys Beef n’ Rice.

(From the Proust Questionnaire)

What do you regard as the lowest depth of misery? No service/No WiFi Networks in Range

Who would you have liked to be? John Dorian – I model most of my behavior after him anyway.  My first drink at a bar the night I turned 21 was an Appletini in his honor.

What is your favorite color? #FF7119

What is your present state of mind? Pretty relaxed in general, but I’m excited about the all the changes that go along with moving out here.

Who are your favorite heroes of fiction? Scat from Syrup, Neo from The Matrix, and Quailman from Doug.

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    Hmm, #FF7119 – isn’t that the color of my shorts right now?

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