Office Profile: Meet Grandpa Eric!

expensifymeg —  June 14, 2011 — Leave a comment

Like all grandpas, Eric likes to take a 5 a.m. constitutional.

Name: Eric Sigler

Alter Egos, if any: I thought I got rid of that evidence.

Hometown: Los Angeles, Omaha, Palestine (Texas), Denver, St. Louis, Castle Rock, Rolla, Kansas City, San Francisco.

Expensify Job Title/Role: Geek

When did you start working for Expensify? February 2011

What is the most exciting project you’ve completed so far for Expensify?  Rebuilding Expensify’s mail sending service to use Amazon SES.

When you’re not fine-tuning expense reports that don’t suck, what projects do you work on in your off-time?  Laser etching or welding anything that I can get my hands on, wandering around San Francisco.

From the Proust Questionnaire:

What is your greatest fear?  Killer robots.

What is your favorite occupation?  Avoiding killer robots.

On what occasion do you lie? When confronted with killer robots, I usually say things like “This sentence is false.”

Which words or phrases do you over use? I tend to use “This sentence is false” a lot.

How would you like to die? Peacefully, and not at the hands of a killer robot.



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