JOB: Expensify hiring SF office assistant, everything person

David Barrett —  May 24, 2011 — 1 Comment

Update: This position has been filled. Thanks for all your help!

We’re pretty excited about our rad office, but it takes some upkeep. Are you man (or woman) enough for the job? Specifically, we need someone to do as much of the following as possible (in order of priority):

  1. Come in the mornings and generally tidy up.  Erase the whiteboards, take the dishes out of the dishwasher, water the flowers, pick up any random items on the floors/surfaces and put them somewhere better, etc.  The cleaning crew does the basics, but they still leave the office in a bit more of a mess than I’d like.
  2. Keep the pantry stocked.  This means doing a weekly inventory to figure out what we have, what people are eating/drinking, ordering more of that, ordering less of what isn’t being used, polling the team to figure out what new things to add, being here to receive the delivery when it comes, stocking the shelves/fridges, etc.
  3. Be the gatekeeper for engineering applicants, ensuring that they’ve correctly filled out the questions, neatly entering their data into our candidate database, letting me know when they’re ready for evaluation, setting up in-person interview travel arrangements, handling hiring paperwork, etc.
  4. Ensuring our job posts are fresh on all the free and paid job boards.
  5. Generally being on hand to do whatever, whenever.

It’s not a particularly “difficult” job in the sense that there are no special skills required.  The only real showstopper qualifications are:

  • Can be reliably in our San Francisco office at the corner of Sutter and Market before 10am, Monday through Friday
  • Is generally web savvy
  • Has a credit card (you’ll occasionally need to buy things on behalf of the company and get reimbursed)
  • Is at least 21
  • Will work a 50 hour workweek without complaint
  • Is a sufficiently non-picky eater to join us for lunch on most days (we go someplace different every day, and the company reimburses you)
  • Can remain productive in a boisterous environment, with a diverse crew and soundtrack
  • Is super chill and easy to work with.

But that’s such a low bar to jump that it’s an especially hard position to fill.  After all, how do you screen candidates when almost everybody is qualified? Normally we ask a bunch of essay questions, but this time I’m going to do something a little different. This time, to apply for this position:

  • Record a 1 Min Video:  It honestly doesn’t matter about what.  There are very few “hard skills” required to do this job, so we’re just looking for personality.  We’re not looking for a master plant-waterer or anything.  We just want someone cool to hang with, who we can trust will do the work — day in and day out — with minimal drama and maximum friendliness.  Some suggestions:
    • Would you rather have the superpower of invisibility, flying, or mind-reading, and why?
    • What is your favorite beverage, and what is the ideal environment in which to drink it?
    • What was your most disastrous first date?
    • What is the most painful expense report you’ve ever filed?
  • Upload it to YouTube.  Or Vimeo, or Facebook, or anywhere you like to get your video fix.  Test the link to make sure it’ll work when we click it. (Hint: send it to someone else, or use Google Chrome’s “Incognito Window” to verify it works for more than just you.)
  • Send it.  Tweet it to @expensify (follow us so I can DM you back) or email it to, along with a resume or anything else you’d like to include.

That’s all.  If you follow the above instructions, I promise we’ll respond.  Hopefully in a timely manner, but definitely sometime.   Thanks, I look forward to hearing from you soon!

David Barrett


Founder of Expensify, destroyer of expense reports, and savior to frustrated employees worldwide.

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