Office Profile: Say G’day to Tom

expensifymeg —  May 18, 2011 — 4 Comments

This world weary traveler is just daydreaming of ways to make your expense reports that much better.

Name: Tom Jacobs

Alter Egos, if any: DJ Hats Magee

Hometown: Wye River, Victoria, Australia

Expensify Job Title/Role: Mobile & Integrations

When did you start working for Expensify? July 2009

What is the most exciting project you’ve completed so far for Expensify? Flipping the site upside down

When you’re not fine-tuning expense reports that don’t suck, what projects do you work on in your off-time? My other business, “Vacuum cleaners that don’t suck”, which didn’t work out so well.

Even Tom has to cycle away from that joke as fast as he can.

(From the Proust Questionnaire)

What is your greatest fear? Fear itself, and also birds pooping on me.

What is your favorite journey? Any trip involving a stop at “the centre of the earth”.

On what occasion do you lie? Only while taking a lie detector.

Which words or phrases do you over-use? “Cowabungtastic”. Used it there for the first time, now it has been used too many times.

What do you most value in your friends? Their ability to keep a straight face when I exclaim “Cowabungtastic”.



Marketing Associate at

4 responses to Office Profile: Say G’day to Tom

    Marianne Sanderson February 22, 2012 at 2:54 pm

    Hi Tom,

    Since you are from Australia, can you tell me if there is a credit card that integrates with Expensify from an Aussie bank, particularly one that also doesn’t suck? We have a Westpac credit card for our small company of 20+ employees and their services are antiquated and do suck, big time (sorry, I’m American).

    Also, I know you guys integrate with which also seems to be limited for Aussie use. Any siggestions?

    We use Quickbooks Pro and would like to use Expensify in the best way possible.




    @Marianne – Unfortunately, not yet. But soon! We’re in the midst of a total bank-import overhaul that should allow us to add new banks. The plan is to have full support for Australian banks by the end of the year. Thanks for your patience!


    Have you got that up and running now? I’m interested in NAB corporate cards in particular.
    Do reimbursements work through non-US banks yet?


    Hey Ian,

    Follow up with us at and we’ll work with you to get an NAB connection up and running. I can’t say we’ve made immediate plans to take on the red tape of international ACH, but it’s on our radar.

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