Expensify SWAG

micah —  May 13, 2011 — 1 Comment

As with any cool company, you gotta have some SWAG (or s.w.a.g, which stands for Stuff We All Get, but can also be Stuff With Our Logo, but that makes it SWOL and it doesn’t sound that cool). Since moving into our awesome new office, the Expensify team has been busy putting our logo on anything that will fit it, whether that anything is practically usable or not. Take a look at some custom swag we’ve made.

Expensify's Mighty Mouse Pad

Expensify's Mighty Mouse Pad

Expensify Coasters

Expensify Coasters

Expensify Coasters

Of course we got the whole set.

Expensify Tote Bags

Tote Bags, cause it's cool to be green while promoting your brand

Expensify Phone Booth

Phone Booth, with a laser etched logo on the glass

Expensify laser etched wine glasses

And if you look closely at the stemless wine glass, you'll see our laser etched logo at the bottom

One response to Expensify SWAG


    Cool coasters. I want! 🙂

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