Expensify Announces One-Millionth Receipt Processed, Introduces Automatic Receipt Scanning, Categorization

Zhenya Grinshteyn —  May 11, 2011 — 2 Comments

We’re using the stage Finovate Spring today to announce automatic receipt scanning and credit card association, along with self-tuning expense categorization that learns from user behavior. Check out what our official press release has to say:

“Expensify has been storing receipt images for a while, and recently received our one-millionth uploaded receipt,” says David Barrett, Founder and CEO of Expensify. “But we’re only just now starting to actively process those images to track and report expenses without any typing.”

With this new feature, receipt images are scanned upon upload such that the merchant name, sales date, and purchase amount are automatically read from the receipt image without any user interaction. Additionally, receipts that correspond to purchases on a credit card imported into Expensify are automatically associated with the matching expense. Finally, the category of the expense is automatically derived from information in the expense and past activity by the user.

“There are some services big and small that provide elements of this new feature,” adds David. “But only Expensify offers end-to-end expense report automation by combining receipt scanning, credit-card association, and self-tuning categorization.”

This new feature will be fully compatible with all past uploaded receipts, whether through Expensify’s iPhone, Android, BlackBerry, or webOS applications; sent to receipts@expensify.com; or uploaded through a web browser at https://www.expensify.com.

Learn more about receipt scanning!

2 responses to Expensify Announces One-Millionth Receipt Processed, Introduces Automatic Receipt Scanning, Categorization


    it’s $456.56 total, not $456.28

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