Pro Tip Mondays: No 3G?

micah —  May 9, 2011 — 1 Comment

Don't be frustrated, we've all been without 3G

The best way to upload receipts on the go is to download the Expensify app for your mobile phone and snap a picture of the receipt. Voila – it’s instantly uploaded to your account.

But sometimes you are unable to upload the receipt onto the interwebs. Even hardware gets the blues.

Sometimes 3G is not available on the farm

Do you find yourself stuck without 3G coverage? Are you in San Francisco on ATT? Are you traveling and your data plan is prohibitively expensive abroad? Don’t worry – you can still get your receipt safely uploaded into Expensify.

Simply take a picture of the receipt using your phone’s camera and email it to When you regain an internet or 3G connection all of the queued emails will be sent and we’ll upload any receipts to your account in bulk. Magic!

That's right, just email it in!

I know, it makes me happy too

Stay tuned for more Pro Tip Mondays!

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