Expensify adds Australian customisation option

Tom Jacobs —  January 25, 2011 — 6 Comments

Good news Aussies! To celebrate Australia Day, we’ve added an option to Expensify so that it is much easier to use while in the southern hemisphere! So if you sign into Expensify, go to Settings, and scroll down in Preferences, you’ll notice a new option:

Selecting “Southern Hemisphere” takes Expensify from the confusingly oriented this:

To the much more clear this:

So you can enjoy expense reporting the correct way up.

Want to see it in action? Just sign in or sign up for a free account! Happy Australia Day!

Tom. (An Aussie).

P.S., We’re also hiring engineers, with Australian/U.S. work visa sponsoring.

6 responses to Expensify adds Australian customisation option


    I was just back home, visiting in Australia, I wish I’d known about this and I could have tried it out while I was “down” there! 😉


    You can still try it out and make it feel like home!


    Is this option available for the free version of expensify?


    Hi Andre – Sorry for the confusion! This post was written in jest, but with that said, we have recently added support for Australia’s major banks and we hope to eventually add support for metric units for mileage expenses. Thanks so much!


    We are a team based in Australia. Have loaded our account info from NAB no probs but when I make a report the currency changes to USD. Can I unpeg it from the US currency or is the oz dollar option only for US based workers in Australia for a short time?

    Thanks in advance.


    Hi David!

    You should definitely be able to report in AUD. Take a look at http://help.expensify.com/currency for more information on setting currencies. If you are still having trouble shoot us an email at help@expensify.com and we get everything squared away for you. Thanks for using Expensify!

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