The Expensify Android Application, Now Live!

Tom Jacobs —  October 27, 2009 — 27 Comments

We just keep rolling them out; we’ve just released the Expensify Android application!

You could own this!

Again, what can you do with it?

Add Cash Expenses

For example, just after a fancy meal with clients, pick up your phone, press Expensify, press Add Expense, enter the amount, the name of the restaurant, enter the client’s name in the comments field, and press Submit to send those details right on up to your Expensify account, one click away from being on your next expense report! And if your company requires a receipt…

Upload Receipt Images

Simply snap a picture of the receipt with your phone’s camera, and it’ll be also sent up to Expensify, either attached to the expense you just entered, or unattached, ready to be attached to an expense later.

Install It

So don’t just sit there, pick up your Android G1 or MyTouch phone, head to the Market, and search for Expensify, or just check out the “Just in” section in Finance!

The app works on all currently released Android phones – and if you’re thinking of getting a Motorola Droid phone, coming our next week, don’t worry, we’ll have your expense reporting needs covered!


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27 responses to The Expensify Android Application, Now Live!


    looking for an expensify app for motorola/verizon Droid.

    Zhenya Grinshteyn April 26, 2010 at 4:15 pm

    Hi Roger,

    You can find our app by searching for “expensify” from within the app store.


    This is a great application for someone who is always on the go.. this application has saved me so much time thank you.


    IS this program available for Palm yet? Is there a trial version I can try out first?


    Doesn’t seem to work for me. I can log into the website but the android app refuses too with a password warning.

    Zhenya Grinshteyn August 24, 2010 at 11:00 pm

    Hi Rob,

    Sorry for the late reply, our App is actually already out on the Palm. You can get it by visiting the app store on your Palm and searching for “Expensify” We’re a free app, so you can trial us as long as you want.

    Zhenya Grinshteyn August 24, 2010 at 11:02 pm

    Hi John,

    Could you try resetting your password and logging in again? You can get your password reset at Thanks!

    Michael M Anderson August 31, 2010 at 6:22 pm

    Does not appear to work with my Samsung Captivate’s camera. Phone is running Android 2.1.

    Zhenya Grinshteyn September 23, 2010 at 3:11 am


    That’s a known issue with our app on some Android handsets. Ryan, our Android developer, is working on an update to our Android app to fix this. In the mean time you can still take pictures of receipts using the native camera and emailing them to to add them to your account.



    Hi, I am having trouble taking pictures on My Touch. This error pops up when I try to take a photo of a receipt, “unable to retrieve bit map image. Please try again.” What do I need to do to fix this? Thanks



    Great app! I’m excited to be able to use it! Although for the first time I have gone to scan a receipt I get an error message after I take the picture and press OK it says “Unable to retrieve bitmap. Please try again.” and doesn’t keep the image of the receipt. 😦 Please help! I find that your app will be a lifetime saver! 🙂


    Can’t upload a receipt. Only show either ‘This should not happen, please re-try’ or ‘Can’t retrieve a bitmap file’ —- X10

    P.S. My friend using IPhone4 is extremely happy with this app. I hope I can solve this upload receipt problem and really try this app.



    Can’t upload a receipt. Only show either ‘This should not happen, please re-try’ or ‘Can’t retrieve a bitmap file’ —- X10

    P.S. My friend using IPhone4 is extremely happy with this app. I hope I can solve this upload receipt problem and really try this app.



    Es gibt auch noch Seiten mit gutem Content . Danke für den Bericht .


    Vielen dank! Bitte sag mir wenn ich mehr Fragen oder Vorschläge antworten kann.


    i have installed and used expensify on my android tablet and i am very disapointed. i am using expensify for iphone and is very helpful i can check modify my expenses and compute report as the website does (actually it is even faster than the website). on android why we can only upload expenses, I cant find any good reason. It seems that most of androids apps are like this a crappy copy of apple apps.


    morgan – Agreed, the Android app is still very limited; the iPhone app has a a lot more functionality. The reason is we’ve spent *so much* time on the iPhone app that we didn’t want to just keep rebuilding the same app again and again. So we’ve switched to a new cross-platform environment, and that’s delayed things a bit. But now that that’s out of the way, expect more Android goodness in the near future. Sorry for the delay!


    Is anyone having issues with the Expensify Android mobile app when creating or assigning a receipt to a existing or new expense report from the phone?

    I continue to have issues with Expensify Android mobile app on the Droid RAZR Maxx. When a new expense report is created or when I assign a new receipt to an existing expense report from the phone it does not appear on the Expensify web site and I cannot complete my expenses and submit for reimbursement. I have been encountering issues since the new android mobile app was released several weeks ago.

    I have sent several examples to Expensify Help with no resolution. The only way the Expensify Android mobile app appears to work is taking a picture of the receipt and not attaching it to an expense report and completing the remander of the expense report from the Expensify web site.

    If anyone has encountered these types of issues or has figured out some type of solution I would be interested in the feedback.

    Thank you,


    @Rich – Sorry for the inconvenience; I believe Tony has already followed up? If not, please write him directly at so we can track down this RAZR Maxx bug. Thanks!


    Downloaded this software, but am very disappointed. I have an Android Global 4, and the camera only displays a highly distorted image of the receipt, which makes it very difficult to take photos. So far, I have not taken a picture than can be OCR’ed successfully. The software also appears “locked” on the screen and does not rotate with the phone – this is awkward because when I use the slide-out keyboard to type, the application window appears sideways. Tough to use in all respects so far. Others in our company are using iPhones and have had better luck, but many of us have Androids, and we cannot make a universal switch to this software as a result. Too early in its evolution??


    Hi Eric!

    Thanks for writing in!

    If you go in to Settings and toggle “Use In-Line Camera” that should fix your issues.

    If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to reach out to


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