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E-receipts are more common than ever and offer plenty of benefits that their paper counterparts don’t. But what happens when tax season rolls around? And how can you convert a pesky paper receipt into a convenient digital receipt? 

We’re here to clarify e-receipts and electronic receipt laws so that you’ll always have the documents you need readily available if you or your business gets audited.

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Reporting live from Xerocon London!

Slack for iOS Upload

February has been a very UK-centric month for Expensify so far. Last week, we officially launched our UK office, and this week we’re attending Xerocon London and hosting our UK launch event. We’ve been having a great time so far, meeting amazing Xero partners and Add-ons. While we’re revelling in the buzz of the Xero ecosystem, we’re really excited to announce our latest upgrade to our Xero integration.  Continue Reading…

This guest post is Part 2 in a 3-part series discussing taxes written by Christopher Remus, author of Tax Pain Relief.

In Part 1, I talked about the different sources of tax season pain such as stress, tension, and anxiety. This pain is compounded by our attempt to avoid the pain by procrastinating, which only serves to add more pain to the process of getting our taxes filed.

The good news is, it’s possible to break the tax pain cycle using the system outlined below. How do you get started? Simply follow these five manageable steps outlined below. Continue Reading…

Each year, the IRS updates the reimbursable mileage rate for business travel to reflect the costs for operating a vehicle. With (still) prices going up, you are now able to claim $0.565 per mile travelled in 2013. Check out the full details on the rate change at

All new Expensify accounts created after the mileage rate change takes effect will already be updated with the new rate.

For personal users, change your rate by going to Settings > Preferences and clicking the ‘change’ button to the right your miles unit.

Screen Shot 2013-01-09 at 3.44.11 PM

For policy managers, please go to Settings > Policies > (choose your policy) > Basics and change the ‘Mileage Rate’ of your policies if you are using the IRS rate.

Screen Shot 2013-01-09 at 3.42.41 PM

Disclaimer: We do not update everyone’s mileage rate because a vast many of our users utilize company rates as opposed to the IRS rate.

Maximize tax deductions

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Tax season is fast approaching and the Chicago Tribune has posted an interesting list of some oft overlooked tax deductions which many people may qualify for.

Expensify is all about making your life simpler, including the burden of taxes. A good example of this comes from #5 on the Chicago Tribune list: a mileage and toll deduction for a move related to a new job. While it may be too late to do so for 2009, start the new year off right; set up a mileage relocation unit in Expensify:

  • Log in, click on “settings” in the upper right.
  • Scroll to “Customize your units,” and click “[add new unit]”
  • Give the new unit a name, I used “relocation mileage,” and a value, which in this case would be $0.24

Moving for work?   Create a new expense report, and log an expense for “relocation mileage” (or whichever name you give to the unit) as the number of miles you’ve traveled for your new work.  It will automatically be converted in to the reimbursable rate for the miles you’ve traveled.  Make sure to import all receipts for gas and tolls, or, if you paid with cash, snap a picture of the receipts with our mobile app and add them to your expense report.  Come end of the year, expense reports like these will help you maximize deductions on your taxes.

Get 2010 started right; start logging expenses early to get the most available deductions at the end of the year.