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That Guy!

 —  June 22, 2011 — 5 Comments

It’s a Small World

After working in expense reports for a while, you start to realize that the online financial world can be a little small at times. For instance, you always hear about the same apps, or the same features, or even meet the same people.

But here’s one guy we here at Expensify have become all too familiar with – yet we’ve never met in person! He occasionally pops up to say Hi, but we have yet to have the chance to say Hi back. Let me introduce you then, to That Guy!

Our Story


We met briefly while watching an introductory video to another online expense reporting solution. He didn’t strike any of us as particularly remarkable. If we could have guessed in that first sighting that this wasn’t the last we’d see of him, we’d have honestly been a little nicer.

Our First Date - we were all a little nervous but kinda excited!


The second time we saw each other, there was something about him that I just couldn’t ignore anymore. This feeling of having seen him before was more potent than a deja-vu. I felt not only like we had just met, but that I really knew this guy, even though I couldn’t say from where. In a moment of inspiration, I dug out some archival footage and the realization hit us! We finally re-connected with someone we had long forgotten.

The second date was sweeter than the first.

The second date was sweeter than the first.


By the third time we had grown as close as old buddies. A simple “hey” and a slight nod of the head was all it took for both of us to acknowledge that a deep and mysterious connection had formed.

Third time's the charm! Who knew there were more to come?

Third time's the charm! Who knew there were more to come?


The fourth time was a surprise encounter, seeing as he had jumped out of his natural habitat of online sites and into a new ambience of print magazines. Still, it was like reuniting with a long lost friend. His familiar face was reassuring and comforting, inspiring so much confidence! We were all ecstatic to see him once again.

He really jumped out the fourth time!


Finally, we couldn’t believe our luck when we bumped into him a fifth time. I mean, though we do occasionally browse them for work, it’s not like we’re avid readers of financial sites and magazines. It seemed providential almost.

True Love or Destiny?

Have YOU seen That Guy?

By now, he’s family. We all shout with glee when we see him, and make sure to compliment his snazzy tie or new glasses. Yes, That Guy has been a major influence in our lives, and we hope to one day cross paths again. So if you see him around, don’t be shy and say Hi!