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We’ve bolstered our current SalesForce integration (available on our Team plan) by adding support for FinancialForce. The FinancialForce integration is available on our Corporate plan. Once you’ve setup these integrations up in your account you can:  Continue Reading…

Hi all, we’ve put a ton of effort into our “trips” and “bank import” features, but are running out of data to test with. Can you please help us out and:

1) Forward your craziest airline reservation to

2) Email such that we can add support for your credit card

I think we’ve got a solid baseline of all the major US airlines and banks, which means in-app itinerary summaries for most domestic flights, and eReceipt import from most domestic banks. But business travel is a global phenomenon, and I’d welcome your help extending Expensify’s global reach.
Speaking of global, we’ve returned from Thailand (we go overseas as a team for a month every year; pictures at with some pretty major enhancements:

– Multi-Level Tagging: Couldn’t use Expensify because you needed two or more tags per expense? Now we’ve got you covered. Whatever your needs — a nested hierarchy of tags? A series of independent tags? — we can probably do it now. And with our GL coding and CSV export capabilities, I bet we can integrate directly into your accounting package. Write to find out!

– Our Salesforce integration isn’t terrible anymore! Let’s be honest, aside from the single-signon, our previous integration was pretty weak. Well now it’s awesome: tag expenses to Accounts *and* Opportunities (and Projects and Milestones if you use FinancialForce), centrally manage employees, and generally what you always assumed it did, now it does — for both web and mobile.

– Bulk Actions: After countless requests, now you can select multiple reports and approve or reimburse in bulk. Such a simple thing, but wow, so helpful.

And a ton of performance and stability improvements, especially for midsize companies between 100-1000 employees, not to mention the little matter of how our site looks TOTALLY AWESOME now thanks to the heroic efforts of Shawn, our new designer. We’re just getting started, so expect great things, both for mobile and web. If you have any design suggestions, please send them to (just no job offers please). And if you know of any bugs, please email And anything else, send to me!

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PS: I’m looking for an excuse to throw a party in our fantastic new SF office. Some ideas: we could open-source our cross-platform mobile framework (an embedded JavaScript engine wrapped in native controls, write-once-run-everywhere at native speeds for iPhone, Android, BlackBerry, and Windows Phone) or our distributed transaction layer (ACID-compliant semi-synchronous two-phase commit optimized for WAN connectivity: sits atop MySQL or sqlite; seamless auto-failover and recovery — lose a whole datacenter without losing any sleep). Or I could invite speakers to break down the secrets of their startups’ success, or perhaps I could give a tutorial on how to raise money from VCs (a timely topic as we’re thinking of doing another round ourselves) — I’m open to anything. Anything but another “stand around awkwardly drinking free booze” tech party, that is. Thanks for your ideas!

Three big things going on:

– Can’t use Expensify because your company requires you to use some lame Excel template? We’ve got your back. Sign up for the SmartReport beta and we’ll learn your company’s Excel template and *fill it out for you*. So you can create your expense report using all of Expensify’s features (SmartScan, card import, mobile apps, etc) — but then submit a totally standard Excel expense report. Your company needn’t even know you’re using Expensify under the hood (though I can’t see why they’d complain). Free. Click here to learn more:

– Wish our Salesforce integration were better? We did too, so we totally overhauled it to provide central employee management and tagging to both Accounts and Opportunities. We also added FinancialForce PSA integration (so tag to Projects and Milestones), and FinancialForce Accounting (so you can submit to Salesforce and use its awesome workflow features). Sign up for the ExpensiForce beta at this link to get early access — we’d love your help making it perfect.

– If you haven’t heard of Concur, they’re the Microsoft of expense reports. (They’re even in Seattle.) We don’t really compete because they’re primarily for huge enterprises while we’re all about SMB. But we’re being pulled into ever-larger customer deployments, and we’re getting compared to them more and more. Can you help us figure out how we stack up? Price, features, everything — if you have any thoughts, please share them at this link:

Thanks, I really appreciate your help with Concur, and am excited to get your feedback on the betas. Big things underway, it’s great to have your help!

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Yesterday, at SF New Tech in San Francisco, we publicly announced that we’ve taken on $1M of funding in a seed round.  This is great for us as it means that we’ll be around for a long time to come, and will be able to do much more for our users in terms of delivering the features they want and making expense reports suck even less.

We also announced some new features as well.  First off, we now have a Salesforce application so that Salesforce users can do their expense reports from within the Salesforce website.  This will be a great new feature for people on the go that rely on Salesforce as their CRM system.  Here’s a screenshot of the Salesforce application:

The next new feature that we announced is Quickbooks integration.  We’ve heard from so many of our users that Quickbooks is the accounting solution for their business, so we’re making it as easy as possible to integrate Expensify into your current accounting workflow.

Finally, we’ve also announced a new API for developers.  If you’re a developer and would like to add expense reporting to your website, you can use us as the platform.  We’ve created two ways for you to integrate:

  1. Whitelabel API:  The whitelabel API allows you to include all of Expensify’s functionality onto your own website by including an IFRAME onto your page.  Then we work with you to style Expensify to look like your site using CSS, and it’s all done!  A full expense reporting solution for your users
  2. Web Service API:  The web service API is much like traditional APIs, in that you make requests to our server and we return data to you.  It’s up to you to present this data to the user, so you can make entirely different interfaces than the standard Expensify interface.

That’s all for now, but stay tuned to our blog for new updates to our site as they happen.