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Expensify in the News

Wow! April was a big month for Expensify in the media. Our Bitcoin Reimbursement announcement drew a large amount of attention. Our CEO, David Barrett was asked to speak on 3 different news programs: FoxBusiness, SkyNews, and CNBC! In addition to television appearances, we had a multitude of tech blogs write up on why our Bitcoin adoption was a big deal. Here are some highlights:  Continue Reading…

I saw this interesting tweet from @Twilio:

3 Twilio-powered startups made @scobleizer startups to watch list in 2010! cc: @expensify @cloudkick #twilio2010

And I couldn’t help but wonder how we did. Lo and behold, we did amazingly well! A full 9 of Scoble’s 25 Hot Startups to Watch in 2010 use Expensify.  For the math challenged, that’s a whopping 36%!  I guess I shouldn’t be surprised — things are really taking off here and Silicon Valley is our home turf. But still. It feels nice.

Lots of exciting things going on at Expensify:

And better tax category support, a new tagging architecture, customizeable report formats, Wells Fargo support, a new blog, iPhone app, and more. If you’re still typing in expense reports by hand, you’re missing out!

What they’re saying:

Word of Expensify’s awesomeness is getting out:

We’ve been working hard so you won’t need to. Please send any questions, comments, or suggestions straight to me (just hit reply), and I’ll take care of it. In the meantime, we look forward to seeing you for your next expense report!

David Barrett (, Twitter: @expensify)

I know we’ve been quiet here on the Expensify front, but not for lack of things to say: just waiting for the right time to say them. Regardless, I’ll break radio silence to share an interesting piece of news: Expensify was recommended by Inc. Magazine as the “first class” way to manage expenses over a couple other products. (Which were listed as “business class” and “coach”, respectively. Ouch!) Check it out: January issue, page 44. What a nice New Year’s treat!