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This week’s blog post is a guest post by Shawn Basak from Workato, a do-it-yourself cloud app integration platform and Expensify partner.

Expensify is designed to make the task of expense management suck less, so integrating Expensify with your existing tools shouldn’t be a pain either.

Today, we’re happy to present another option to integrate Expensify throughout the business. Workato lets users build custom integrations (referred to as “recipes”) between Expensify and over 50 other apps. Connect Expensify with any Workato-supported app and build in your own custom logic to fit your specific needs. How? Continue Reading…

Lots of you have PayPal accounts that are used on a regular basis to help run your business. In an effort to help bring more of your needs together in to one spot PayPal has just been added as an option from which to import expenses and purchases. Importing your PayPal account is the same as importing any other credit card or bank account.

Using Expensify to link with a PayPal account to pull in expenses

Log in to your Expensify account and import your PayPal account to bring in all of those expenses automatically. Let us know if it helps simplify your life!