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This guest blog post is brought to you by our friends at Intuit QuickBooks. Happy Holidays!

The Gift of Time Intuit guest blog post for Expensify

The best way to carry success into the New Year is to move down the checklist and make sure everything is wrapped up — figuratively and literally — for the holiday season. For business owners, this means final expenses, deductions, and tax preparations.  Continue Reading…

Check it out, you ain’t seen nothing like this before!

During our UPshore in Michigan, we took some time to do our version of the Ice Bucket Challenge to raise awareness and #StrikeOutALS.

We’re also doing our part by donating to the cause; learn more about ALS and donate here!

Dear QuickBooks users, we have important news to share: We’ve taken a stand in the ideological (and business) battle for FREEmium – ensuring that you can use Expensify’s core features for free as long as you want – and because of this, Expensify has been kicked out of the Intuit App Center. But not to worry! We continue to support all versions of QuickBooks, whether online or desktop.

The first question you’re probably asking is, “Am I affected by this?” If you into and then connect to Expensify, you’re affected. Or more simply, if you see an Intuit logo in the top righthand corner of any page in Expensify, then you’re also affected and will need to re-connect to Expensify by following the directions below. Otherwise, you’re in the clear!

Important: QuickBooks connections require upgrading to the Team plan or above. If you don’t see Settings > Policies in your Expensify account, then please upgrade.

Remove Your App Center Connection from Expensify

1. Log into your Expensify account and visit Settings Connections.  Click the “delete” button next to your App Center (or Sync Manager) connection. Also make sure to visit Settings > Account > Secondary Logins and delete any secondary logins for “intuit.”

Remove your Intuit App Center connection in Expensify

Delete your App Center (Sync Manager) Connection in Expensify

Fingers crossed! This is hopefully the only step needed to fully disconnect from the App Center! Now we’ll reconnect to Expensify using the Intuit Web Connector (Desktop) or Intuit API (Online).

Reconnect QuickBooks Desktop

1. Initiate your connection to the QuickBooks Web Connector (detailed directions).

Connecting QB Desktop via your Expensify policy

Connect QB Desktop to your Expensify policy


  • We recommend creating and initiating your QuickBooks connection via your Expensify policy (Settings > Policies > [Policy Name] > Connections)
  • Also make sure that upon creating the connection, you are logged into QuickBooks using “single-user” mode and that you have full QuickBooks admin rights

Reconnect QuickBooks Online

1. Connect to Intuit’s API (detailed directions). Like QuickBooks Desktop, we recommend creating and intiating your QuickBooks Online connection via your Expensify policy (Settings > Policies > [Policy Name] > Connections).

Connecting QBO via your Expensify policy

Connect QB Online to your Expensify policy


  • Make sure to select “No” for login security (which enables you to connect Expensify to your QuickBooks company file)
  • Also verify that you are logged in as the “master account” for QuickBooks Online

Remaining Issues?
We hope that everything has worked flawlessly up until this point. But there’s always a chance that something may go wrong, so we wanted to provide some tips if this is the case:

  • Follow these steps and it didn’t work?  Reboot and try again.
  • Do some accounts not pull into Expensify correctly? If this is the case, then Intuit’s Sync Manager may be interfering with your Expensify connection. For QuickBooks 2010 Release 6 and above, you can clear your sync settings (directions). Or in Sync Manager version 2.6 or above you can remove a company file from the sync list (directions). If you have an older version of QuickBooks or the Sync Manger, you may need to upgrade, and we recommend contacting Intuit about this matter
  • Are your customer/jobs or bank account names missing from your QuickBooks company file? This is likely again the Intuit Sync Manager, and we recommend following the instructions in the paragraph above
  • Have you tried everything else and something still isn’t working? Then you may have to exercise the nuclear option. This option is discussed on the Intuit Community boards (link), and it’s not something we recommend. Only go this route if you don’t use (or intend to use) any other providers from the Intuit App Center: navigate to C:\Program Files\Common Files\Intuit on your Windows computer and rename the folder called “Sync” to “Sync_Disabled”, then reboot your computer.
  • Change your mind and want to use the Intuit Sync Manager after all? See Intuit’s FAQ on everything Sync Manager (link).

If you run into any issues, please email us at Thanks for understanding!