Archives For November 30, 1999

We’ve had a lot of requests for exporting Expensify reports into FreshBooks invoices, so last night Witold and I decided to take on a late night project to whip it up. We were really impressed with the simplicity of the FreshBooks API, so the whole thing went in smoothly in just a couple hours. Accordingly, behold! FreshBooks expense reports exported straight from Expensify!

If you know that that means, take a look at drop me a line to let me know what you think. There’s a couple ways to do it and we’ve opted with the simplest for now; let me know if you’d like the data exported in a different way.

On the other hand, if you don’t know what I’m talking about, it basically means this:

  1. Import your credit card into Expensify, as normal.
  2. Create, submit, and process an Expensify expense report, as normal.
  3. But when done, check out the flashy new Export to FreshBooks button.
  4. Click it and we’ll connect straight to your FreshBooks account, create a new invoice, and attach each of the itemized expenses.

The upshot is it lets you harness the power of Expensify for expense reporting, but combine it with the power of FreshBooks for invoicing. This is particularly handy for contractors with lots of “rebillable” expenses, as you can use Expensify to record those on the road using our suite of mobile apps, manage all the receipts online, export into QuickBooks for tracking, and then export to FreshBooks for invoicing. Pretty slick, eh?

Oh, and how much does it cost? It’s included for free in a standard Expensify account (which is free for individuals and very-small businesses).

And perhaps it’s not worth mentioning but I will, this works with all the standard Expensify features including support for 58 international currencies (with conversion on the day the expense was incurred), hour and mileage tracking, mobile expense logging and receipt scanning, direct import for most debit cards and 94% of US credit cards (and OFX upload for the rest), etc. By itself it’s a pretty small feature, but in conjunction with everything else, I’m hoping it’ll be a huge help for all the contractors who have requested this. Enjoy!

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