Archives For November 30, 1999

While it’s true that we’re no Dr. Seuss, we are definitely going places. Here’s a short list of upcoming events we’ll be attending, sponsoring, and/or speaking at in the next couple of months:

Kynetx’s awesome Live Web conference in South Jordan, UT will feature, among other great speakers, our very own CEO and Grand Master of Dissenting Voices David Barrett, who will be speaking about When Live Web Goes Bad! You can register at to attend this conference spanning March 22 and 23 of this year.

Expensify loves Real Estate agents – and their accountants love Expensify! David will be part of a panel here in Atlanta March 31-April 1, discussing the hypothetical-that’s-not-too-hypothetical, “What if computers collaborated like humans?” We know David’s really excited to meet more of our friends in this industry, and we hope if you’re into Real Estate you’ll consider stopping in to meet with him at the end of the month! You can register for the event at

We have to admit that the event we’re really, really excited for this spring, though, is Finovate right here in San Francisco. On May 11, Tom and David will be demonstrating some spectacular new features that we promise will get your heart pounding with Expensify love. So if you get a chance, register now at – you won’t want to miss this one.

See you at the conferences!

It’s been a couple months since our last update, but we’re very proud to announce something we’ve all been waiting for: the Expensify iPhone application! I know you thought we were making it up all along (and at times it felt like a dream), but the vapor has finally taken shape and you can download it today!

Install the Expensify iPhone Application

As you might know, you’ve always been able to take pictures of receipts and email them to for inclusion with expense reports. This application streamlines it even further for iPhone users such that you can take pictures and upload straight to your account, over wifi or 3G, skipping email entirely. So download it today and give it a shot!

What’s New?

We’ve been so busy we haven’t spent a lot of time communicating with you (sorry about that!) but here’s a quick update:

  • Lots of talking: One reason we’ve been quiet in email is we’ve been loud in person — watch us demo at Finovate Startup 2009, watch Witold demo solo (part one, 1:23:50 in) at Business Insider Startup 2009, or keep an eye out for the results of even more demos given in private!
  • Lots of learning: The general consensus seems to be that Expensify “just works”. Not perfect, but pretty darn well. So rather than just building loads of random features, we’ve talked in detail with hundreds of users to learn exactly which new features will make our already good product great.
  • Lots of tweaks: Some of those user-requested features are already underway (thanks a million, keep clicking that red Feedback link!), including:
    • Mileage (and other unit) support: Log a cash transaction for “500 miles” (via web, email, or SMS) and we’ll auto-calculate the reimbursable amount based on the federal mileage rate, or customize the rate and add other units (hours, widgets, etc.) in your settings page. (Read more)
    • Multi-level approval: Do you approve reports but not reimburse them? Now click “Approve and forward” to send it up the food chain — we’ll even keep track of the approval (and rejection) history for all to see.
    • Report CCs: A little thing but one that got countless requests: now you can “carbon copy” another email address when submitting reports!

We’ve also released a ton of minor fixes under the hood, and are laying the foundation for some even more significant changes down the road. So we might have been quiet, but we sure have been busy!

Expensify is Growing!

That’s right, we just doubled the company. Granted, that’s not terribly hard when you only have two people to start, but think of it this way: if we can do all this with just two guys, just think what we’ll be able to do with two more!

So there’s a lot going on over here at Expensify world headquarters, and I’ll try to do a better job in the future of keeping you informed. In the meantime, just keep filing expense reports and we’ll keep getting you reimbursed, faster and easier every day!