Archives For November 30, 1999

Great news! Thanks to all your wonderful help and feedback, we’ve opened our doors wide to all comers! Your ideas, suggestions, encouragement, and hard-hitting feedback were brilliant, and on behalf of the entire Expensify team, thank you. We literally couldn’t have done it without you.

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What Does “Open Beta” Mean?

It basically just means we’ve taken a major step forward in quality, and are now letting new users sign up at will (rather than by invite only).   Additionally, it means a ton of really awesome coverage:

  • TechCrunch says we’re “bigger and better” than ever before!
  • Web Worker Daily (a division of GigaOm) says it “does seem to do what it promises… very well.”
  • And of course our very own blog has some nice things to say…

Please go read those articles and post great comments, we’re eager to hear them.  Also, if you’re a Twitterer, it’d be a huge favor if you could re-tweet our message to the world!  (And don’t forget to follow @expensify.)

In Other News:

Expensify never sleeps, and since our last update we’ve added several powerful new features:

  • Did you know that we can now import over 94% of US credit cards?  That’s a lot of percents!
  • We’ve also added a really cool analysis page to the card page to give a quick graphical overview:  just click Analyze in the upper right when viewing your expenses to see them broken down by date and expense category, as well as to see a summary of top merchants per category.
  • We created a quick video overview showing how to file an expense report, end to end, in under three minutes.  Check it out here.

Anyway, the Expensify bus just keeps on truckin’, and we’re always making things a little bit better.  So why not submit that expense report you’ve been putting off?  You could be minutes away from emptying your pockets of receipts and filling them with money!